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Sep 4
Making email stand out

Peak sales season isn’t that far off, and for retailers and eCommerce businesses, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Let’s face it - while there are likely to be plenty of people out there looking for a bargain (more so than ever these days, arguably), the amount of noise being made by your competition will be deafening.

How do you make yourself heard above that din? What can you do to ensure people shop with you rather than the rest?

At times like this, it all comes down to

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Jul 7
Grown Up Email Campaigns for Small Businesses

I get it - you want to play with the big boys. You want to be all grown-up! You’ve seen emails from the brands that matter to you and want your company’s emails to look the same.

There’s just one problem, isn’t there? Well, perhaps two:

  • you don’t have a budget (or a yacht); and
  • you don’t have an email marketing department.

The good news? You need neither of those things if you want to create email campaigns your competitors will envy.

Even better news? It’s not

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May 7

Tomorrow never comes, does it? 

When you promised yourself that your email list would receive a good spring clean tomorrow, you knew, deep down, that it was a pipe dream. No - let's be honest: it was something you really couldn’t be arsed to do.

That’s fine. A bit like ironing, email list cleaning is something from which you know you’ll experience some kind of benefit, but which you’d rather exchange for a punch in the face.

Only, now, you have time, right? And I can say

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Mar 23
Email Marketing fit for a Lockdown

This is rubbish, isn’t it?

No, really - it is. Everything was totally normal a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like we’re living in a disaster movie. Normality is on lockdown.

Surely, we’re just minutes away from that mad old guy in Independence Day jumping into a plane to take on the Coronavirus mothership?

Forgive me - it’s a weird week.

With that in mind, what on earth are you going to use your email marketing strategy for at the moment?

Happily, I have a

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