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May 16
Cyborg Marketing: The future of email!The future has long had an interest in marketing, email and otherwise.  Since the end of the second world war, much of science fiction has envisaged the soaring flight of capitalism - to the point we are now anaesthetised to the images.  Those amongst us who read avidly will be nodding and thinking of Orwell's 1984, Collins' The Hunger Games or Anderson's Feed.  For those who prefer film, there are the swooping digital billboards of I-Robot, or the more intrusive retina scanning of
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May 3
It’s not fair, is it? Why did so many people decide your email was good enough to open, yet not quite good enough to click on the links contained within? Having your high open rate hopes dashed with a dismal click-through rate is a crushing feeling, and one which may well put you off email marketing for life if you experience it consistently. Thankfully, if this sounds familiar, there’s no reason to panic. This frustrating element of email marketing can be avoided with some simple
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Apr 26
If you’re a marketing agency or freelancing marketing consultant, you may have considered integrating email into your list of services. It makes sense, after all; why not provide a form of marketing that remains one of the most relevant in the digital economy? Unfortunately, you may find it rather tricky to sell this service to your clients. They’ll consider it ‘too expensive’, ‘not worth the effort’ or - worse still - ‘out of touch’ with modern marketing methods. Both
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Apr 19
Getting your email design right is tough, not least because everyone has different tastes and design itself is incredibly subjective, but also because it doesn’t just refer to how pretty it looks. Email design runs deep into the content, calls-to-action (CTAs) and even the way in which you allow people to unsubscribe from your mailings. There are, however some common likes and dislikes, no matter what your aesthetic taste, and in this blog post, we’re going to look at five examples of
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