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Mar 23
Email Marketing fit for a Lockdown

This is rubbish, isn’t it?

No, really - it is. Everything was totally normal a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like we’re living in a disaster movie. Normality is on lockdown.

Surely, we’re just minutes away from that mad old guy in Independence Day jumping into a plane to take on the Coronavirus mothership?

Forgive me - it’s a weird week.

With that in mind, what on earth are you going to use your email marketing strategy for at the moment?

Happily, I have a

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Jan 30
Blindingly Obvious Valentine's Email Marketing Tips

I like Valentine’s Day. But, not for the reason you might think.

We all know that heading out with a loved one on Valentine’s Day is nothing more than an excuse to observe couples who have completely run out of conversation. But, as a marketer, it’s an excuse to prey on a captive market.

And that’s why I like Valentine's Day.

The following tips are best suited to retail businesses. However, any firm can use this time of the year to whip up a bit of anticipation among

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Nov 15
Using video in email marketing

You’d be forgiven for assuming that this blog is going to be a stark warning about the perils of using video in email marketing.

You might even think I’m going to convince you not to bother and instead stick with plain images and GIFs.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Video remains (and is likely to for the foreseeable future) one of the stickiest, most engaging forms of content.

So, use it in email marketing you should. Just be aware of the following…

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Not too early for Christmas

At the time of writing, it’s October. Although, I’m going to admit something: I actually planned this Christmas blog post in September.

This neatly illustrates the point I wish to make. It’s never too early to start with Christmas-based marketing tasks.

I’m guilty. Other stuff got in the way. I prioritised seemingly vital tasks before those that had more longevity and a more meaningful end goal.

In my case, it was providing some much-needed festive email marketing advice

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