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Sep 12
Bard-ass emails: why story and marketing make excellent bedfellowsI am going to break one of the first rules of content writing.  I am going to make this paragraph about me.  Yes me. Myself. I.  I am going to begin discussing why story and marketing make excellent bedfellows by letting you in on a little inside knowledge.   Very few people know that I am a published writer.  Under a pseudonym I have a books published with an American publishing company.  I am pretty sure that is the reason I ended up falling into marketing, no matter how much I try to
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Sep 11
Effective Frequency and email marketing deliveryEffective frequency is a term widely used in Marketing. It is the study of how many times a prospect or potential customer is exposed to an advert before they decide to purchase a product or service. Humans are exposed to around 5000 ads per day – especially the millennial generation.  I consider this quote from StopAd, and look up from my desk. As I sit here writing this blog post I am exposed to the following:
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Sep 10

You would be hard-pushed to find someone who hasn't stayed, or attended a function, in a hotel.  Hotels house the conference, the overnight concert-goer, the week long training course, and the dirty-weekender.  Business and pleasure seamlessly occupy the same space, and all needs are met equally.  You have to consider the vast array of marketing opportunities that are created by such a diverse service.  Where would you begin?  With the bar?  The restaurant?  The fitness suite?

Of course
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Sep 6
Landing Page Perfection What’s an email marketing campaign without a landing page? If you were expecting a witty punchline at this point… sorry; the answer is simply ‘pointless’. That might sound a little harsh, but if your emails end with “Simply reply to this email to find out more!”, that’s why you’re not getting any engagement. Every email campaign needs a corresponding landing page creating on your website. It’s more work, sure, but it will pay dividends. Here’s how to create
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