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Jun 26
Smaller contact lists

For a long while, email marketers demonstrated an almost unhealthy preoccupation with size.  Success was often illustrated in a sort of “my list is bigger than your list manner.  One of the best things about GDPR is that this is no longer a problem.  Nobody is bragging about the size of their list.  In fact, smaller contact lists might be better after all.

It’s not the size of the boat…

The best things come in small packages…

Insert size-based idiom here.

All jokes

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May 24
Summer Email Marketing Content

It’s finally getting warmer in the UK, and what better way to dust off any Brexit frustrations you might have than to dream up some summer email marketing campaigns?

The following five ideas will help you drum up new business and increase brand advocacy during the warmer months.

Summer Email Marketing Advice

1. Tie-in with national days

Did you know it’s National Fried Clam Day on 3rd July? And if you’ve booked something important on 16th August, were you aware it clashes with National Roller Coaster

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Apr 23
Customer retention emailsWe all hate goodbyes - particularly when it’s related to a customer who has previously spent a tidy sum yet appears to have vanished into thin air.  In fact, sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to say goodbye.   This could've been avoided, perhaps just by sending a few customer retention emails. Return business is vital if you want your company to grow. It’s just as important (if not more so) as new customers, because return business can become a reliable income stream that
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Mar 15
click-through ratesWhat’s are good click-through rates in email marketing? Does it vary by industry? Does a low click-through rate necessarily matter if you’re getting lots of opens? There’s no hard-and-fast answer to any of the above, but the fact remains that the fewer people who click your email call-to-action, the fewer potential new sales you’ll generate. So… how can we improve that click-through rate?

1. Have just one CTA

Your subscribers are short on time - they haven’t got the patience
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