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Mar 2
Outsource Email Marketing

Ah, email marketing.  For some time, this has been the bread and butter of your marketing.  After all, it is the oldest digital marketing activity.  And it has been through a lot.  Data legislations, new marketing techniques.  Yet it is still effective – despite what the “email is dead” harpies might be crowing.  So, why would you outsource it?

Your company has been doing inhouse since Churchill was in power.

And what can be so difficult about it?

I bet even a well-trained

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Feb 26
Smaller contact lists

For a long while, email marketers demonstrated an almost unhealthy preoccupation with size.  Success was often illustrated in a sort of “my list is bigger than your list manner.  One of the best things about GDPR is that this is no longer a problem.  Nobody is bragging about the size of their list.  In fact, smaller contact lists might be better after all.

It’s not the size of the boat…

The best things come in small packages…

Insert size-based idiom here.

All jokes

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Feb 15
Using video in email marketing

You’d be forgiven for assuming that this blog is going to be a stark warning about the perils of using video in email marketing.

You might even think I’m going to convince you not to bother and instead stick with plain images and GIFs.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Video remains (and is likely to for the foreseeable future) one of the stickiest, most engaging forms of content.

So, use it in email marketing you should. Just be aware of the following…


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Feb 7
Grown Up Email Campaigns for Small Businesses

I get it - you want to play with the big boys. You want to be all grown-up! You’ve seen emails from the brands that matter to you and want your company’s emails to look the same.

There’s just one problem, isn’t there? Well, perhaps two:

  • you don’t have a budget (or a yacht); and
  • you don’t have an email marketing department.

The good news? You need neither of those things if you want to create email campaigns your competitors will envy.

Even better news? It’s not

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