No one likes focusing on the negatives, but, and as with any business practice, it helps to be mindful of potential pitfalls if you are to achieve any sort of success. Email marketing is no different. Here’s three common mistakes it is all too easy to fall victim of:

1) Who are you?

It’s easy to start off on bad footing with your subscribers if they don’t recognise you. Remember, you have seconds to engage them. They’ll have less chance of recognising you if you leave longs gaps in between emails or neglect to send that all-important first ‘welcome’ email after they sign up. Also bear in mind your branding, which needs to be clearly defined and consistent throughout each email you send. So, in summary – thank them initially for signing up, stay in touch regularly and continue to remind them about the benefits of your offering.

2) Too many campaigns

In risk of contradicting the above advice, it is possible to send too many emails. It is good practice to offer subscribers an indication of the frequency with which they’ll be receiving in your initial welcome email. Maybe you suggested there would be one a week or one per month. Maybe even one per quarter… Whatever the frequency you promised, do your level best to stick to it. If you breach that number regularly, your subscribers may well get fed up. Even better, if you can, ask your subscribers to define their own frequency. That way, they choose the level of contact they receive from you and, when combined with segmented contact lists, you can better target their desires whilst removing them from unnecessary mailings.

3) It’s just not that interesting…

Getting started with email marketing can be exciting and invigorating. If you’ve not done it before, your enthusiasm will likely translate into the content of your email. Keeping that enthusiasm on the boil, however, is a challenge and it is easy to slip unknowingly into the realm of dull content. If that happens, people will learn to ignore your emails, rather than engage with them. To combat this, spice things up as often as you can with user generated content (opinions, reviews, etc) or put the onus on the subscriber and ask them some questions. Doing so will get them engaged quickly and keep them on the lookout for your future mailings.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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