grow-your-listIt’s proven that email marketing is still one of the best marketing methods to grow and engage with both customers and prospects. That’s why you should make the most of email marketing and grow your lists even more.

As we all know, there are many ways you can grow your email marketing list. By the end of this article you will know 5 very effective ways to grow your list. So let’s get started.

5 – The signup form in the perfect place

There is no correct place for where you should put your signup form, but you should test different locations to see what works best and catches attention for driving subscriptions. Maybe it should be in your header? footer? sidebar? or even in the middle of the page? You’ll need to test it several times and see what works best.

Here’s a few examples of some great locations where the signup form has been placed.

Avanti, an authentic Italian restaurant, have placed their signup form on the right side of the website. This is a great place to have the form as it catches the website visitors attention. Also, note the use of words on their signup box. “Sign up for promotions” gets to the point and everyone loves a promotion once in a while, right?


13Creative definitely know what they’re doing. With such a unique very nicely designed website, they have made their signup form fit the same style and placed it at the bottom of the page underneath the main body content. This is very effective and stands out really well.


In addition to having a signup form located on the website, you may want to also display a little pop up box that displays when visiting the website. Ralph Lauren have done a very good job of this. It’s very eye catching and gets to the point.



 4 – Offers (free ebooks/resources)

Offering free ebooks and resources is a great way to build your list, requiring an email address in order to access/ download them. We currently do this via two ways, offering a free email marketing guide (which you should definitely check out here) and also a free consultation. Lead gen offers are very effective for building your list, plus you’ll know they are interested in a particular topic/ product.

Here’s a few examples.

Hootsuite offer many resources however, in order to download and access them, you are required to complete the form.

hootsuite offer a free guide consisting of 12 simple tactics to boost your website business. In order to receive this you are required to enter your name and email address. Once again, this is another lead gen offer, and each time someone fills the form out you will have another subscriber.


3 – Twitter Cards

If you’ve ever taken a peek at Twitter’s Advertising dashboard you would most likely have noticed the ability to create Twitter cards. There are several types of Twitter cards available which include; Lead Generation, Website, Basic App and Image App. The lead generation card is most suitable for gathering new subscribers to your email list.


Creating a Lead Generation Card will enable users to share their information with you from within a Tweet. The Twitter Lead Generation Card captures particular data such as the user’s name, account username and email address. While using this card to gain subscribers for your email list, you could also use it for other means like Meridian & Co. have. They have used the card to enable users to signup for a free trial of their B2B Software.

Here’s a great example of what you can do with Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards.


[Image credit: Twitter]

2 – Tradeshows

Going to Tradeshows is a great way to gain new signups to your email list, but they’re also great for connecting with potential prospects and customers. We usually go to quite a few tradeshows each year. If you plan to go to tradeshows and want to increase your email signups, make sure you ask potential subscribers if they want to be added to your email list to receive email campaigns!

Being given business cards then adding that person to your email list is not the right thing to do! That is not opt-in and could cause blacklists and damage your reputation, so remember to always ask them beforehand.

This is our stand from the Northampton Business Exhibition on 29th April:



1 – Online competitions

Running online competitions is a great way to increase your email list – quite quickly too! Announce you are running a competition on your social media, and potentially pay for it to be targeted to a wider audience. Ask them to signup to your email list in order to be entered into the competition and boom! There you go, you’ve just got a few more signups.

Of course there are many more ways you can increase your email list but the above is just a few we recommend to do. Have you increased your email list via other methods? If so feel free to share it with us and tweet @mailingmanager.