Video for email marketing

Let’s face it – video is a powerful engagement tool in the world of digital marketing.  And, that includes video for email marketing.

There’s just one problem.

If you’re yet to divert any of your marketing budget to video content, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it’ll gobble most of it up. It looks impressive, sure, but it also looks expensive to produce and time consuming to prepare.

This unfortunately leads far too many businesses to neglect video as a method to promote their products and services. And that’s a shame, because we think there are five reasons every business should get over this hurdle and start using video.

Why? Because it plays ever so nicely with email marketing!

Video for email marketing is genuinely one of the best ways to get your message to your customers,

1. Marketers agree video is awesome

Despite studies suggesting that half of marketers believe video is the most difficult form of content to create, those same studies deliver some telling insight from companies that have invested in it.

Customer testimonials, tutorial videos and demo videos have all been cited by canny marketers as the most effective types of video marketing.  So isn’t it time for video for email marketing?

Now, consider how often you promote that type of content via email. It therefore stands to reason, surely, that video and email go hand-in-hand when you want to grab the attention of as many eyes as possible!

2. Videos tempt people to buy

This one is blindingly simple, but so easily overlooked.

A primary goal of many email campaigns is to drive more conversions, and Videocaddy has discovered that online shoppers who view videos on the company’s landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%.

Those landing pages to which you’re pointing email subscribers need video if you’re to increase the chances of converting more sales – simple.

3. People use video to learn more about your brand

Not every email marketing campaign is focused on sales. Quite often, you’ll simply want to extend the reach of your brand and draw a bigger audience into your world.

Think about YouTube and your own use of the world’s biggest video sharing site. Chances are, you’ll head to it in order to learn more about a particular subject or – you guessed it – brand.

Clearly, you’ll want people to learn more about your business, its products and services, and email is a great route to their doorstep. Why not make it a hassle-free learning experience by presenting them with an informative, short, snappy video?

4. You’ll drive more organic traffic with video for email marketing

With email marketing, you can drive existing business and subscribers to your website, but that strategy needs to be joined by one that encourages organic traffic.

One of the most important metrics for Google when it comes to ranking is the bounce rate. Put simply, that’s how long people stay on your site.

Videos – when they’re produced correctly – invariably tempt visitors to hang around for longer, and that means your bounce rate should drop – considerably.

There’s plenty of other stuff to take into account when it comes to search engine ranking, but this little trick is both effective and capable of drawing in (and retaining) a highly engaged, relevant audience.

5. People LOVE video

Research suggests that one-third of online activity is spent watching video content.

That stat may not surprise you, but it’s a stark illustration of just how popular video is.

People love video. They’ll nearly always watch it. Get it right, and you’ll supercharge every email marketing campaign you send.

Wrapping up

We’ve hopefully tempted you to take a thorough look at video marketing, but don’t be put off by big quotes from production companies; this is something you can certainly do yourself.

Even a video shot hastily on a decent smartphone camera showing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your operation can work wonders. Start there, and see what inspiration follows…