Email is a great way for an accountant to keep in touch with their clients. We’ve got 5 super-simple email marketing campaign ideas that will help boost your accountancy business.

Just remember –  it’s vitally important to seek your client’s permission to receive your email communication. |No one likes being deluged with emails they do not want or need (and the new GDPR rules are on the horizon).

For those who do sign up, you can use the following tips to keep your customers interested and informed:

Idea 1: Share your financial news and tips

A great email marketing tactic for accountants is to share knowledge with clients via monthly newsletters. They may in turn be tempted to share this information with their business friends and associates. Recipients might be compelled to sign up for regular tax and financial information they can use effectively.

Idea 2: Keep it short

Your emails should be informative and contain beautiful, engaging imagery.  However, you don’t need to write reams of text to share your knowledge. Keeping your emails brief means there’s a greater chance of your clients reading what you have written.

Keeping it short also ensures your emails are easy to read on smartphones when your clients are out.

Idea 3: Share tax information

It’s an easy win to inform clients about relevant tax filing deadlines and even send an extra email close to a deadline. Remind them to complete their paperwork on time or face the potential of financial penalties.

Helping clients to keep their tax affairs in order is an important part of an accountant’s offering.

It’s also a good idea to offer links to official sources of information. Send an informative blog post when the tax detail starts to get slightly more complicated.

Idea 4: Know your audience

As an accountant, you’ll have clients from a broad range of industries and disciplines. This means you’ll probably have data relating specifically to those sectors.

This gives you the opportunity to segment your audience.  Create different emailing lists that focus on industry specific news, events and offers relating to their financial affairs.

It’s important, however, to first test each segment of your client base to see whether it’s worthwhile spending the time tailoring your email marketing campaign to their needs. When it comes to accountancy, a ‘blanket’ email approach is sometimes your best option if the advice you want to share spans all industries.

Idea 5: Use your email to create new business opportunities

Let’s not beat about the bush – it’s not all about giving away free advice. Email marketing campaigns should generate new clients for your business.

For instance, you could organise an event to help small business owners understand which online accountancy package best suits their needs. The corresponding email invitation you send for the event can then feature a call-to-action for people to sign up and attend.

Use social sharing to your advantage. Include sharing buttons enabling subscribers to promote the event for you on social platforms.

You may be surprised by how successful this technique can be to uncover ‘warm’ prospects you may otherwise have missed!

Wrap up

Email marketing campaigns will work for your accountancy business, but you need to commit to an email marketing system and regularly send out your emails to clients, regardless of how busy you may be with other work. This will be time very well spent – we promise!