Wimbledon email marketingWimbledon 2017 kicks off on July 3rd, and as the players nervously take to the court and millions of tennis fans across the globe tune in, there’s a brilliant opportunity to learn from the tournament as a marketer.

On the face of it, marketing and Wimbledon aren’t the most obvious bedfellows, but we think there are elements of the world’s most famous tennis tournament that act as brilliant cues for email marketers in particular.

You just need an inventive mind (which, if you’re reading this blog, you clearly have), and the ability to spot the following similarities:

1. You need to prepare for rain

If you plan and have a solid strategy behind your email marketing campaigns, you should experience positive results.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong. A poorly thought-out headline or drastically incorrect piece of subscriber segmentation might throw your campaign into disarray. For that reason, you need to be prepared to react to failure – because it will happen.

2. Spend as much time as possible analysing the competition

Tennis players are well known for the amount of time they spend analysing their competitors.

Like every sport, Tennis is a game where you can put yourself in the best possible position for a win if you can pre-empt what your opponent is likely to do next.

What are your competitors up to? Do their blogs or social media output indicate a forthcoming move which you can anticipate and better via email marketing? Get hunting for information!

3. Take plenty of breaks while working on content

Tennis is a game that is peppered with breaks – for good reason. It’s a sport which is frenetic in pace, and the need to stop and refuel regularly ensures the players are always at their best.

Do the same when you’re building your email campaigns. Writing, for example, is a task that benefits from regular gasps for air. Go for a walk or work on something entirely different; you’ll return with a fresh mind and avoid making costly mistakes.

4. Realise you’re capable of toppling Wimbledon giants

Andy Murray was knocked out of the first round at this year’s Queen’s tournament by a chap called Jordan Thompson.

Heard of him?

Nope, us neither. The 23-year-old Australian is ranked number ninety in the world, yet was still somehow able to defeat the best player in the world (according to rankings). He pulled off the impossible, and did it in style.  But isn’t that just the Wimbledon way?

You can do the same with your email marketing effort. If you think you’ve discovered a chink in the armour of a large competitor, why not have a bash at compounding the damage by unleashing a campaign that trounces theirs with a brilliant headline and captivating USP? You never know what might happen!

5. Work on a strategy, but be ready to turn on a sixpence

As we’ve previously noted, tennis players are great at strategy, but they also know how important it is to be able to turn on a sixpence when the unexpected happens.

A cross court volley or particularly vicious second serve need to be dealt with if you’re to stay in the game, and in email marketing, you’ll regularly encounter challenges you weren’t expecting. A response from a subscriber that knocks you sideways, or mass exodus of subscribers following a particular campaign are common examples.

Have a strategy, but make sure you’re not governed entirely by it.

Wrapping up

See? Told you we could link tennis and email marketing!  Viva la Wimbledon.

Marketing is a sport. Get training!