Easter email marketingEaster is upon us. Moreover, just like the festive period, ensuring that an email marketing campaign can be heard loud and clear above the myriad of messages flying into recipient inboxes is a challenge… to be relished!

No, really!

It might be tempting to let this one slide and instead focus on the bigger picture. Easter is an opportunity not to be missed.

It doesn’t matter if you operate within the B2C or B2B space, either.

The following five tips will help you take advantage of Easter by encouraging your loyal following to increase their engagement with your brand, and spend a little more on your products and services.

1. Play on the original Easter message

Despite the abundance of chocolate eggs and time off work, Easter’s original message is one of new beginnings. That could be a powerful piece of inspiration for your next email marketing campaign.

If you’ve got a new product on the horizon, or have recently restructured the company, Easter could be the perfect time to make a big deal about it. Unveil that new look. Crack out that shiny new service or member of staff at a time when people may well be reflecting on their own new beginnings, and you’ll probably catch their attention more than you would at other times of the year.

2. Capitalise on the other elements of Easter

Extended weekends now a key part of Easter. Certain markets benefit significantly during the four days of holiday to which millions of UK workers are treated.

Decorating, short breaks and an increased desire to spend disposable income. All elements of Easter that have nothing to do with resurrection or chocolate eggs. However, all could benefit your business significantly.

If you can capitalise on one of these busy markets during the Easter period, do so, and be sure to use email to advertise your presence to anyone who is looking to spend a little extra during that time.

3. Create an egg hunt

If you can’t have a bit of fun with digital marketing during Easter, when can you?

By creating an Easter egg hunt on your website and sending out an email campaign pointing people towards it, you’ll drive brand engagement and give people a reason to enter your world. Make the ‘egg’ something of value to potential customers (a decent discount on their first purchase, for example), and they should come flocking in – literally.

4. Go the ultra-simple sale route

Sometimes, simple marketing tactics work best – particularly with email. When it comes to Easter, people expect an abundance of offers to land in their inbox, and if you can come up with one that is compelling enough, there’s a good chance you’ll make a few extra sales over that short period than you would during a ‘normal’ weekend.

5. Grab the extra attention

Not everyone has time off at Easter, but vast swathes of the population are given a day or two’s complementary holiday. And, when people are away from work, they’re likely to spend more time relaxing at home with their favourite devices.

If they’re doing that, they’re never far from their email inboxes, and that means your messages could be seen by more recipients than usual during Easter. Grab that extra attention by investing as much time as you can in creating beautiful, engaging email marketing campaigns that leap out of the inbox.

During bank holidays, people are also more inclined to spend, and, as noted in step 4, they’ll be on the lookout for offers and reasons to get off their sofa. Give them a reason to leave the house!

Wrapping up

Easter is a great time for email marketing, but it requires plenty of preparation and knowledge of one’s market. While this may tempt many businesses into reserving their marketing investment for larger, longer-term projects, the savvy marketers among you will recognise the numerous opportunities that present themselves at this time of year. Grab them with both hands as you would your favourite chocolate egg!