Video in email marketingAccording to a report by KPCB, 2017 is going to be quite a year for online video. This incredibly popular form of content set to account for as much as 74% of Internet traffic.

And it’s hard not to agree with them.

If you’ve used your smartphone within the last couple of hours, there’s a strong chance that you will have done so to watch a video. It may have been a tutorial video featuring a new skill you’d like to learn. Or, a five second clip of a cat falling into a recycling bin. However, whatever it was, you’ll have been contributing to the millions of people that view this form of content every day.

There was a time when video and email were two very disparate forms of marketing. But, this was only really down to one thing – technology (or lack of it). Inboxes were once the sole domain of text-based messaging and, later, HTML-driven multimedia. They couldn’t deal with anything richer than that. Now, significant advances in email client technology have enabled us to embed videos within emails, and, as a result, lean on what is clearly the digital age’s most powerful form of content.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together six best practice for using video in email marketing.

1. Go video wild!

The great thing about video marketing is that you can experiment to your heart’s degree (while remaining in the boundaries of your brand’s persona, of course).

Never forget that the goal with video is to engage the audience. You’ll only do that by creating content that leaps out of their inboxes. Be brave, don’t be afraid to try something entirely new and focus solely on making an impact – quickly.

2. Don’t forget the CTA

If you decide to use video in your email marketing efforts, the role of the call-to-action (CTA) changes a little. Principally, you’ll need to move it from the body of the email to within the video itself.

The last frame of your video should be a relatively long one and include the all-important CTA. What do you want people to do next?

3. Develop a tone, greeting and style

This will take time, but you’ll need to develop a tone and style for your video marketing efforts, and it’s likely to be quite different to the one you use in other forms of marketing.

Similarly, a greeting that is specific to your company’s persona will need to be developed and used each time (or variations thereof). Like all forms of marketing, consistency is key and if people come to know, enjoy and expect the show your business puts on while in front of the camera, they’ll continue to devour the videos you send them.

4. Keep video relevant

A simple one this, but easily neglected.

Make sure your video content is relevant to the offer or announcement it aims to broadcast. As previously noted, creating video is inherently fun, but because of that, it’s easy to get carried away and publish something that bears no resemblance to the original idea.

To avoid falling into this trap, take plenty time out to develop a story and make sure you stick to it during the production.

5. Video is a short word

If you embed video within your email marketing campaigns, the good news is you should gain a little more time with subscribers once the message lands in their inbox. However, that doesn’t mean you can send them a two-hour, Hollywood-esque epic.

Instead, keep your videos under three minutes, or if you really do have a lot to say, consider doing so over a series of videos and emails.

6. Expand beyond email

Once you’ve created your video for email, don’t forget that it can be put to great use elsewhere.

Set up a YouTube channel, create companion blog pieces and use social media to further your video content’s reach. It’s effects will be felt for a significant amount of time, making all that hard work utterly worth it.

That’s a wrap!

If there’s one takeaway today, it’s ‘have fun’. Video is a joy to produce. It’ll also revitalise tired email marketing campaigns and give your subscribers something far more engaging to view in their inboxes.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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