Why do it all yourself?

Modern marketing benefits significantly from methods of automation, which take boring, repetitive tasks off your hands, enabling you to invest your precious time in the more exciting stuff.

Email marketing has always been a guiding light when it comes to automation and regularly demonstrates a desire to be one step ahead of the curve.

You may not be convinced, though, which is why we’ve picked out six unavoidable reasons your business should invest in email marketing automation:

1. It helps you effortlessly develop brilliant subscriber relationships

Subscribers generally arrive on your email marketing list as relatively cold contacts. They don’t know your business particularly well, and will therefore display a degree of trepidation when dealing with you.

Are you to be trusted?

With automation, you can drip feed product updates, offers and insight into what your business is all about, and this gradual nurturing will help you build relationships with subscribers that may one day become very profitable indeed.

2. It saves OODLES of time

We’ve mentioned this already, but it bears repeating: email marketing automation is a massive time saver.

Think about the tasks you undertake every month that relate to your email campaigns. Which ones do you approach with a sigh? Which are inevitably forgotten as you divert your attention somewhere more interesting?

It’s these kinds of repetitive tasks that can – and should – be undertaken automatically by your email marketing system.

3. It’ll increase sales – quicker

Automation will enable you to better track your click-through rates and the other actions undertaken by subscribers that kick off the buying journey.

Bringing in and converting new leads is another time consuming task. It’s an expensive business process, too, which might be far better handled via automated messaging and the aforementioned ‘drip-feed’ lead nurturing techniques.

If you work in ecommerce, automation is particularly useful when it comes to increasing sales. Abandoned carts, personalised offers and behavioural-based targeting are just some the examples of automation that will boost revenue – quickly.

4. You’ll become better organised

Automation is based around tight organisation and the desire to finish each day with a fully completed to-do list, but the cornerstone of a brilliant, automated email marketing platform is it’s ability to make you more organised.

As your system becomes better organised, you will too. The results demonstrated by automated processes are inspiring, and when you see how efficient such systems are, you’ll be encouraged to embed their rules within your own work.

5. Your brand will become stronger and gain personality

It would be fair to assume that the more you introduce automated marketing systems, the less personality your brand will have.

After all, who wants to deal with a robotic organisation?

When it comes to email marketing automation, the opposite is true; it opens a huge range of communication options for your business and enables you to turn email into a super-powerful way to further your brand’s message.

Providing the content you create for your automated campaigns remains relevant, personal and creative, the ability for it to proliferate effortlessly and engage potential customers will in turn build a venerable digital presence and personality for your company.

Ask yourself: is that presence something you could build alone and via traditional, manual methods?

6. It’ll help you measure and make positive changes

How many emails were opened? Which subscribers did so more than once? What volume of sales this month can be attributed to email marketing?

The ability to analyse data has long been an intrinsic part of successful email campaigns, but with the addition of automated routines and processes, you’ll be able to tap into a vast new world of analytics.

The key lies in analysing the automation itself. Integrate your email marketing system with Google Analytics, and you can gain invaluable insight into exactly where leads are coming from and how big an impact your automated campaigns are having on hard-and-fast sales.

Wrapping up

Email marketing automation isn’t just about giving back time that would be otherwise lost to manual tasks; its about building profitable relationships with subscribers, creating an engaging digital presence and fostering a desire to be more efficient in everything you do.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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