Email marketing is made up of many constituent elements. There’s the planning, design, writing, testing, follow-up and… yet more planning once it’s time to send the next one.  Are you using Google Chrome?

If you’re currently doing all of this with just your email marketing platform and a notebook in hand – bravo.

In reality, most of us benefit from a little extra help in the form of additional software, and if you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s a wealth of little plugins known as ‘extensions’ that will help you create brilliant email marketing campaigns in half the time.

No, really. Here’s seven of our favourite Google Chrome extensions for email marketing:

1. PicMonkey

There’s nothing worse than spending ages on an email campaign only to realise that the main image looks dreadful when it lands in someone’s inbox.

To fix this – and rather than turning to Photoshop or a designer – give PicMonkey a go. For a quick-fix image-fix there’s nothing quite like it.  And Google Chrome recommends it.

2. What Font

Spot a font on a website you’d love to use on your next email marketing campaign?

No problem – simply use What Font to find out what it is!

3. Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re an avid user of Evernote to store your important thoughts and plans, their Web Clipper extension enables you to immediately capture any web page for safe keeping.

This is particularly useful if you come across a piece of web content that might inspire your next email campaign.

4. Grammarly

No one likes poorly written marketing emails, which is why Grammarly is a godsend.

Even if you’re a proficient writer, you’ll occasionally encounter days when you make silly little grammatical errors that could ruin the campaign you’re working on. Grammarly finds and highly every mistake you make.  Whereas, I prefer Microsoft Word (old student habits die hard), Grammarly is equally as effective checker that you can use in Google Chrome.

5. Landing Page Checklist

Every email marketer knows that an essential part of the job is getting the right landing page designed for each campaign.

This nifty little Chrome extension checks everything that matters about landing pages to ensure you’re onto a good thing.

6. Toggl

Although a tool primarily used by freelancers and others who charge for their time, Toggl’s time tracking functionality is pretty useful for marketers, too.

Knowing how long you’re spending on the various tasks that constitute an email marketing campaign will enable you to look for areas where time is being wasted or could potentially be redistributed by delegating tasks.  Wonderful thing to attach to your Google Chrome.

7. Wunderlist

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to ensure each and every element is done on time and to the best possible standard.

Unless you’re superhuman, that isn’t possible without a to-do list, and Wunderlist offers a brilliant way to digitise those handwritten notes and Post-Its you’re forever losing track of.

Wrapping up

Loading up Chrome with extensions like those noted above won’t make you a better email marketer, but you will feel far more in control of what you’re doing.

And in a world as busy as this one, that’s a very good thing indeed.