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Feb 9
Humour and Email Marketing belong together funny. It's Groundhog Day in my inbox.  In fact, I know if I read every single email in my inbox once, I would be reciting them by heart at the end of the month.  Change the record already.  There are a couple of newsletters I am subscribed to, and I can't even remember what it is they sell.  They are missing the humour.  They miss the funny. Yes yes, the problem here is my poor organisation - and potentially my unrivalled craving for entertainment - but there is something definitely
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Mar 23
Email Marketing fit for a Lockdown

This is rubbish, isn’t it?

No, really - it is. Everything was totally normal a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like we’re living in a disaster movie. Normality is on lockdown.

Surely, we’re just minutes away from that mad old guy in Independence Day jumping into a plane to take on the Coronavirus mothership?

Forgive me - it’s a weird week.

With that in mind, what on earth are you going to use your email marketing strategy for at the moment?

Happily, I have a

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Jan 24
Spread the love with your Valentines Day Email MarketingThe cards are already in the shop.  You know those pink ones with hearts, unicorns, teddies and saccharine hallmark ballads on the inside.  Facebook will be urging you to "spread the love", and other such clichés.  I may gripe and groan, but I will soon be doing the same with my Valentine's Day email marketing.  So will many of you other eye-rollers who wax cynical about V day. Let's be fair.  Our own opinion of Valentine's day is immaterial.  Valentine's Day has become a massive
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Jan 4
Can you reach the millennial with email marketing?Do you know why companies find it difficult to reach the millennial?  Simple.  They don't understand them.  The prevailing stereotype is that all millennials are selfish hipsters. All taking selfies of themselves eating kale.  Sometimes described as the "Me Me Me" generation, they have somehow earned a bad reputation of being impossible to manage. As a millennial (only just) myself, I tend to find this amusing. Atish Davda discusses Overcoming Millennial Workplace Stereotypes and how
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