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Jul 19
How to create a voice for your brandI have long considered there to be a strong link between my fiction, poetry, and the marketing materials I write for mailingmanager.  The actual act of writing, editing and drafting are simply the mechanics of producing the text.  What is to be written, edited and drafted takes a great deal more reflection and planning.  A fiction writer will spend a detailed amount of time considering the the personality traits, habits, and the voice of a character.  When I began crafting marketing
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Jan 4
Can you reach the millennial with email marketing?Do you know why companies find it difficult to reach the millennial?  Simple.  They don't understand them.  The prevailing stereotype is that all millennials are selfish hipsters. All taking selfies of themselves eating kale.  Sometimes described as the "Me Me Me" generation, they have somehow earned a bad reputation of being impossible to manage. As a millennial (only just) myself, I tend to find this amusing. Atish Davda discusses Overcoming Millennial Workplace Stereotypes and
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Dec 17
How to Excite Subscribers with your Spring Email NewslettersThere is just something so isolating about the winter sun isn't there?  Perhaps it is just the anaemic wash it spreads over the world, or the bitter pricks of cold that it just can't eradicate.  At this time of year, Spring just feels so far away.  But it isn't.  Three short months and we will be listening for the cuckoo.  It is time to be thinking about our Spring email newsletters. Unlike Summer, with its enticing hot days and holiday opportunities, and Autumn and Winter with their
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Dec 4
Excellent English Language for the Email MarketerAttention class.  Stop passing notes back there.  Are you really scratching your name into the bottom of that desk?  All eyes to the front, the lesson is about to begin.  Every email marketer, social media manager, or PPC expert needs to master the English language. All grammatical errors and dangling participles are banished forthwith from this moment.  Oh, and don't forget your homophones.  Mistakes in any of these areas are punishable by internet ridicule and overuse of the
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