Autumn Email Newsletter IdeasThere’s been a definite change in the air in the last few weeks. The children have gone back to school, the nights are drawing in, and our summer clothes have gone back into hiding in our wardrobes. But, while the changing season and increasing chill are not looked fondly upon by many people, autumn provides great opportunities for email marketers. As the temperatures get lower, the easier it is to persuade your customers to stay in and shop online. This season also provides a whole host of inspiration for your email newsletters. Here are some ideas:


Autumn is one of the times of year where we see a dramatic change in the fashions being sold on the high street. Gone are the shorts and dresses, replaced instead with heavy jumpers and winter coats. But, while it’s too chilly for summer clothes, we’re not quite in thick jumper territory yet. Because of this, many of your subscribers might appreciate some fashion inspiration to help them through the coming months. Focus on giving your customers interesting fashion ideas for the changeable weather, rather than telling them how to keep warm.

In this email newsletter from Pepperberry, they have focused on autumnal prints and colours, rather than heavy, warm clothes:

Debenhams used their autumn email to showcase some of the fashion trends for the new season:

Autumn Holidays

While it might not seem like the most obvious time of year to try and sell holidays, autumn can be a great time to encourage people to take a trip abroad. It’s a much quieter time to travel, and it gives your customers a chance to escape the ever-increasing chill. Rather than just sending out a generic holiday email newsletters, highlight things that are specific to autumn, e.g. special deals, or places that offer unique things at this time of year.

Wellbeing Escapes chose to focus on holidays to Turkey and Greece, as they still experience hot weather in the autumn:

Wellbeing Autumn

Email Newsletter Tips

The shorter days and colder weather can bring some problems to certain people. If your business offers anything that can help your customers during the autumn, use your email newsletter to highlight this.

For example, the cooler temperatures and windier weather can cause some people to have trouble with their skin. Skin care brand Simple have addressed this by recommending a moisturiser that will help combat sensitive autumn skin. They have also included a link to other skincare tips:

Autumn can also bring some problems for people with pets. It can be a dangerous time for dog walkers, and the fireworks season can be very stressful for animals. Animed Direct’s autumn newsletter gave a series of tips for pet owners, and showcased some products that may help during the season:

As you can see, autumn can bring a lot of ideas for your email newsletters. Just think about what your company can offer your customers during the coming months, and you’ll never be stuck for inspiration again.