Email marketing is fast becoming a given, accepted form of marketing in nearly every industry. Company websites and promotions are noticeably focussing more on collecting email addresses and the tools available are getting better, making the job of running an email campaign satisfyingly easy.

However, it’s easy to forget why email marketing exists. It’s all too easy to jump on the mailing bandwagon without stopping to think why. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to revisit the basics of what makes email one of the most effective forms of marketing today.

1) More profitable sales

We’ll start with the obvious. Marketing exists in order to generate more business. Traditionally, that may have involved expensive print adverts or even more expensive trade shows. E-marketing enables you to engage with your audience en-masse yet at the same time personably and, crucially, for very little outlay either in terms of capital or time. Studies show that people are more likely to purchase something online if they have been reminded about it several times. A series of timed, engaging emails can achieve this in a way no other form of marketing can and the relatively tiny cost involved in doing so means the eventual purchase will still prove profitable for your company. Very few other marketing techniques can claim to be quite so cost-effective.

2) Up-selling

An email newsletter gives you the unique ability to instantly inform your audience about more than one product or service. Team it up with a clever landing page on your website which encourages them to add more to their basket, and it is likely you’ll see average order values rise.

3) Repeat business

Once someone has made their first purchase as a result of an e-marketing campaign, you’ve got that enviable foot-in-the door. Equally, once you know their purchasing habits and tastes, you can segment your customers into different lists and target them with emails you know they’re going to react to. Other forms of marketing simply don’t enable you to target your customer base so specifically in this way and it is too good an opportunity to pass by.

4) Offline sales

If your business has an offline store, that too can benefit from a well-structured e-marketing campaign. Including the store address and incentives for visiting in person should always form part of your email copy. After all, there’s nothing like face-to-face contact with customers in order to better establish a relationship and even the faceless form of e-marketing can help sow the seeds.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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