easterThere’s a chance it may have passed you by, considering how quickly it’s come around this year, but the Easter weekend is just round the corner. Holidays like this, particularly ones where a lot of people have time off work, are great opportunities to ramp up your email marketing efforts, whether or not you sell chocolate eggs. Here are a few ideas to give your email marketing efforts a boost this Easter:

You Don’t Have to Sell Chocolate

Of course, the obvious gift given at Easter is a chocolate egg. But, even if your business isn’t one that specialises in sweet treats, it doesn’t mean that you have to forego an Easter campaign altogether. During the Easter weekend, retail opening hours are reduced. This means that people are spending more time at home and, hopefully, more time checking their emails. A well-timed message, and even a special discount or promotion, could encourage your customers to stay in and shop online.

In this email, My Fabrics offered their customers a discount code, and also suggested a gift voucher as a last minute Easter gift:

Encourage a Getaway

For a lot of workers, Easter will be the first time that they’ve had time off work since Christmas. Because of this, they may be keen to have a well-deserved break. For any travel-related company, Easter is a great time to encourage your customers to book a getaway. Include something that will grab your readers’ attention, such a last minute deals or promotional offers.

Riu Class sent an email to let their customers know about the late Easter deals that they had available, even highlighting the pertinent dates so their customers are fully informed:

People May Want to Eat Out…

For many, Easter is a time to spend with family. Easter lunch can be an important occasion, giving people the opportunity to spend some quality time with their families. However, not everyone wants to spend their Easter weekend slaving over a stove. They many want to treat their families to a meal out, so restaurants should use their marketing emails to vie for their customer’s attention.

Many restaurants use a discount code to encourage their customers to spend Easter with them. Pizza Express did this, as well as using their email to emphasise that it is a family occasion:

…Or Entertain at Home

Although many people appreciate the convenience of eating out over Easter, for many, preparing an elaborate meal is all part of the fun. If your company provides anything that could make preparing an Easter feast simpler for your customers, or even make it more impressive, use your marketing emails to bring it to your customers’ attention.

Denby used their marketing email to bring their range of crockery and cutlery to their customers’ attention, just in time for the Easter weekend:

Easter provides a wealth of opportunities for email marketers. With a little creative thinking, you could easily reap the email marketing rewards this Easter weekend.

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