boost-salesNot a day goes by where I don’t receive an email containing some kind of voucher or promotional code. They are widely considered to be an extremely useful promotional tool, and can offer benefits to almost any company out there. Used effectively, vouchers can boost sales and encourage repeat business, and the opportunities that they present are almost limitless. In this article, I’ll go into some of the things you can do with vouchers, and some of the benefits that they can bring your company.

Some Benefits of Email Vouchers

  • Vouchers can increase order value. You might think that offering a free gift or discount voucher in an email will cost you a lot of money, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Many companies restrict voucher usage to orders over a certain amount. This can actually help encourage your customers to spend more money with you. You can also offer vouchers as a free gift when customers spend a certain amount, like Argos did recently:

Argos Voucher

  • Vouchers are easy to track. By using an individual ‘code’ for every promotion you run, you can easily track the performance of them. This will help you determine how successful the voucher was (your ROI), and help you shape future promotional offers.
  • Vouchers can be split tested. Vouchers are one of the easiest things to split test with your email marketing campaign. You can run concurrent campaigns offering, for example, either a percentage discount or money off voucher. You can then see which of the campaigns your customers preferred.

Use Vouchers to Launch New Products

Email marketing is an excellent medium to promote new product launches. You can use a series of related messages in order to build excitement and anticipation about the new addition to your range. However, even with the best promotional campaign in the world, some of your customers may need some more encouragement to try a new product. This is where email vouchers come in. Take a look at this example:

Arla Voucher
Arla offered customers 50p off their new Protein yogurt. While this may not seem like much, even a discount as little as 50p can encourage people to make a purchase, particularly with a new product that they may be reluctant to try initially. Even though, by offering the discount, Arla will have cut into their profit, it will help to increase sales of their new yogurt, and some of their customers may continue to buy it into the future.

Make Your Voucher Time Limited

Email vouchers are great at encouraging purchases. But, like I said before, I (and probably many others) receive email vouchers every day. Not all of these vouchers will be used, and some of the emails may not even be read. So, how can you ensure that people will take advantage of your offer? One of the things you can do is make your offer time limited:

Mobile Voucher
Mobile Phones Direct offered their customers a voucher that provided £59.99 off a new iPhone 6, but the voucher expired after 48 hours. Almost everything in this email is aimed at encouraging their customers to take advantage of their offer as quickly as possible: the 48 hour time limit is mentioned 3 times in the body of the message, and the graphic in the bottom-right corner also shows that the offer is time-limited. They even included the time limit in the subject line to encourage people to open the message:

Mobile Subject

These are just a few of the ways that email vouchers can benefit your company. There are many more opportunities that they can offer, and can give your sales a boost at times when you really need it.