survive-winterThe last couple of months have been very busy ones for email marketers. Within the space of a few weeks, we’ve had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and the New Year sales. Emails about all of which generally achieve very high open rates, but after this busy period, marketers can often experience a slump. January and February can often see customers lacking in both money and motivation, so marketers have to work extra hard to encourage them to click through emails and make purchases. So, will your email marketing survive the winter? Here are some tips to help ensure it does:

Let Your New Customers Know What You’re About

The Christmas and New Year period is one of the times where you’re most likely to attract new customers. People hunting for unique Christmas gifts may decide to shop with you for the first time, and gift vouchers may have been given as Christmas presents to people who’ve never shopped with you before. Because of this, you should use emails at this time of year as an opportunity to introduce your company to these new customers. Send out an email letting them about about your what your business does, or showing off some of your best selling products, and it may encourage these new customers to make another purchase with you.

Liz Earle sent this email showing their customers how their best selling product should be used; something which is likely to be useful to a new customer:

Liz Earle 1 Liz Earle 2 Liz Earle 3

L’Occitane used their winter email to let their customers know about the charity work they’d done in the past year; something which new customers may not have known about:

L'Occitane Charity

Show Off Your New Ranges

After the New Year sales, retail business generally have a lot of new stock coming in. Once the excitement of the sales has died down, showing off your new ranges in your marketing emails can be a great way to keep your subscribers engaged with what you do. Also, showing your customers that you regularly have new stock coming in will increase the chances that they’ll visit your website on a regular basis.

Weird Fish used a marketing email to showcase their new range of T-shirts:

Weird Fish New

Dorothy Perkins also showcased their new range in a marketing email. They also offered their subscribers 20% off their new products; a great way to encourage people to make purchases even after the sale is over:

Dorothy Perkins New Dorothy Perkins New 2

Solve Your Customers’ Problems

January and February can be difficult months for some people. With the festive period behind us, the cold weather and short, dark days can leave a lot of people feeling down and lacking in motivation. During this time, you can use your marketing emails to try and solve some of the problems that your customers may be having.

Shoetique used a marketing email to show off their range of winter boots ahead of a cold snap:

Shoetique Cold

Hobbycraft reference the fact that some people find January a difficult month in the subject line of this email. They went on to show their customers how they can make their own cushions; an ideal hobby for the cold winter months:

Hobbycraft Subject Hobbycraft Cushion
January and February can be a difficult time for email marketers, but it also gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your campaigns. As long as you stay motivated and closely monitor what works and what doesn’t, your email marketing can easily survive the winter slump.