Create Targeted recruitment email campaignsRecruitment is among the more complex industries to write email marketing campaigns for.  Unlike many other companies, the problem isn’t that they have so many products to write about.  In essence, the recruiter generally has a variation of one main product to offer a client.  What makes marketing for the recruiter especially difficult, is the variety of clients that a recruitment firm has to cater for.  It is important to create targeted recruitment email campaigns.

The very worst thing a recruitment company can send to a prospective client is a horribly generic email touting for business.  This will spell out your utter mediocrity.

As a recruitment company, you are asking to become part of your client’s evolution.  You want to promise, with some confidence, that you find them the best available candidate.  You want to speak directly to their industry, and to their company.

A simple first name at the top of the email isn’t going to be enough this time.

Understand their differences

It goes without saying, a manager in McDonald’s worries about very different things to a foreman on a building site.  Both jobs deal with the management and safety of other people, and ensuring the safe running of their specified area.  That is possibly where the similarities between them end.

Amongst the day to day running of their businesses, both of these people will have very different priorities.  So, as a recruiter, you can’t email two industries as if there aren’t enough significant nuances to set them apart.

Each industry has it’s own language.  They have very different KPIs.  The safety and protection procedures of their staff will be different.  If you want to build trust with a new client, or a prospect, then this is the first step.  Show them that you know their industry.  If you can understand their industry, then you can understand the candidate you are looking for.  This is what you want to demonstrate when you create targeted recruitment email marketing.

How did they respond?

It could be easy to look at your click-through rates and open rates as mere vanity metrics.  There is no better feeling than having a high open rate.  Moreover, there are fewer more dejecting sensations than seeing zero engagement.  When you create targeted recruitment email campaigns, you should see metrics displaying positive responses.  However, it would be foolish to simply look at these merely as litmus tests to how well your email is doing.  Right there, is an overview of your subscribers behaviour.

If a customer opens your email multiple times, then they are somewhat interested.  If your customers click-through to your website, then you have grabbed their attention.

So what’s that old idiom about striking and the iron being hot?

Automate your next targeted email based upon their behaviour.  You can use this opportunity to ask questions about their recruitment needs.  Or, you can ask what attracted their attention.  This targeted email could easily move them along the sales funnel, and bring them nearer to becoming a customer.

It doesn’t always have to lead to another email

If, like mailingmanager, your email marketing platform offers you CRM functionality, then your targeted campaign doesn’t need to end up with another email.

I know, crazy.

Why would an email marketing platform even consider suggesting that you don’t need to email?

When you create targeted recruitment email campaigns, consider using the email analytics to follow up in a more personal manner.  If a customer clicks through on your campaign, then your email marketing platform could create you a task asking you to call the contact and continue the conversation.  By using your platform to target engaged customers you create the opportunity to craft a more personal experience.

It hardly needs saying, that a personal experience breeds trust with your subscribers.

Wrap up and create targeted recruitment email campaigns

It is inarguable that recruitment email marketing campaigns rely heavily upon personalisation and segmentation.  If you are the sort of recruitment firm that specialises in more than one industry, then your email marketing might be a sizeable job.  Don’t let that discourage you.

Creating a targeted campaign will be a rewarding way of engaging your subscribers, and getting your foot in the door.

As always, feel free to comment and share any relevant advice with the readers.  I look forward to hearing how you all segment and target your email marketing campaigns.