What makes a successful email marketing campaign? It’s the perennial question and one which can’t be answered singularly. There is no right answer. On the face of it, more sales is what you want to achieve. That goes without saying, but it’s also quite a lofty target to set yourself. There are stepping stones to every sale and this is particularly the case in email marketing.

Opens are important. As is the number of times your email has been forwarded by its recipients. But what about click-throughs? And, more importantly, how do you work out the value of each click?

Prior planning is key, as always. Below are five steps to optimising your email and the links contained within it for more meaningful click through results:

1) Focus on the important links

Within a few seconds of opening and scanning your email, the recipient should instantly know which links are the important ones. Introduce them early in your email, or behind bold, attractive buttons, and they’re far more likely to be clicked first.

2) Direct links are key

Whatever you’re linking to, make sure the path to it is direct. After clicking, they should land on the page in question. Don’t expect them to hunt for another link within that page – they’ll either miss the point entirely or simply move on.

3) Utilise your header and footer

The header of your email is most likely the first thing recipients will see – particularly if previewing the content in their email client’s inbox. It’s good practice to always offer a link to your website on your header, but don’t be afraid to occasionally add additional landing pages to it as well.

4) Consider ‘why?’

People won’t just click a link for the fun of it. They need a compelling reason to do so. It is therefore important to focus on what precedes the link. Maybe it’s an invitation to an event, or to claim a free sample. Whatever it is, make sure it draws the reader in early on.

5) Use images and buttons

The quickest way to add a link to an email is to simply hide it behind text. While blue, underlined links are something most internet users are intrinsically-inclined to hunt out, don’t forget to replace text-only links with images and buttons for the most important of click throughs. From your perspective, if you’re using a combination of text and image links, you’ll quickly learn from click-through results which work best.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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