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There is very little the British people love more than their food.  During festivals, markets, and in our hotels and high streets it seems the world’s cuisines convene. The British public are rarely shy about indulging.  If there was ever evidence of a British multicultural society, it would be Just Eat, and the hundreds of restaurants and takeaway outlets.  We are like Hobbits, often happiest when eating.  So it stands to reason that we are looking forward to British Food Fortnight.  A great opportunity for the hospitality and service industry to polish their email marketing.

This culinary festival is a celebration of British produce.  British reared meat, indigenous crops, and mouth-watering combinations are all revered for this brief two-week period beginning on: 17-09-2018.

Go forth and cook up a storm.

Create a recipe for success.

But above all, you want to get people eating your British masterpieces.

And that’s where email marketing comes in.  Let every single one of your subscribers know what you are doing, by creating a killer campaign.  To help you, here are 5 delicious ideas to help you with your email marketing campaigns.

A British menu – like ‘Mum’ used to make

Regardless of what food you would normally serve, you could reinvent the classics for British Food Fortnight.  Bring your own pizzazz to Shepherd’s pie.  Add some zip to trifle.  The good thing about British food, is that it generally isn’t difficult to make.  What could you do to rewrite the DNA of a good hearty English breakfast, or Fish and Chips?

The good thing about creating a British menu, is that it speaks to the nostalgia of generations.  As Olivia Collins discussed in her articulate discourse: Food Nostalgia – The Memories Made from Food, “Food nostalgia floods us with such vivid, emotional memories of people and places in our past.”  In short, her argument is based upon one overwhelming truth. We respond emotively to food and memory.

By hearkening to “foods that Mum used to make”, a small menu brings back the charm of youth.  Back to when people used to sit at home and eat together as family or friends.  Couple this with homely imagery and excellent copy and your recipients will be reminiscing and salivating.

Creating an email British recipe chain

The beauty of British food, is that is designed to be cooked at home.  If you haven’t got a discount to offer, or generally don’t cook British food, it doesn’t stop you keeping in contact with your customers.  For each day of British Food Fortnight, why not provide a different recipe, so that your customers can cook an Anglian feast at home?

This is good for two reasons.  Firstly, it will remind your subscribers of your products and services.  Secondly, many of your customers will look forward to your next email – wanting to try their hand at being the next Jamie Oliver, or Nigella Lawson from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Social hospitality and British Food Fortnight

Why not drive your recipients to your social media pages.  If you are on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter – you could promote a social competition for the best made British dish.  By asking them to post their own recipes, and pictures of their own dishes, you could offer the winners a free meal for the best conceived British dish.

Two weeks of people interacting with your company online, means more people will be showing an interest in what your business does.  Furthermore, it is a campaign where the readership gets to contribute and interact with each other.  Such a social event could create a buzz around your hospitality business, and at the end of the campaign you have an obvious opportunity to talk directly with your recipients.  It may not make you a massive amount of money in the short term, but it will certainly make your customers feel valued, and they will repay you with a little loyalty.

A little taster session

If you are going to put a lot of work into creating succulent British dishes, then it seems a shame for people not to at last sample what you are doing.  Why not, for a short period on one muggy afternoon, invite your prospects down for some free mouthfuls? Show some true British hospitality.

We all like the opportunity to try-before-you-buy.  Moreover, a taster session will present the opportunity for your culinary skills to sell the menu you have worked hard creating.  Your email marketing is a great method for stirring up interest.

The good old-fashioned voucher

A simple gift to your subscribers goes a long way, and who doesn’t like a bargain?  Why not offer a half-price meal on all your indigenous food items for the duration of British Food Fortnight?  This could include your British ales, scotch, Irish whiskey, or Ancre Hill Estates’ sparkling wine to go with their meal.

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Tortilla Wrapping Up

OK…I know the tortilla isn’t British, but who can resist a good pun?

Or a bad one.

British Food Fortnight runs from the 17th of September and ends on the 2nd of October.  This is a unique opportunity for anyone involved with food to circulate good emails and bring more customers to their seats.  This could also be a good way of getting your business on the list for a few Christmas parties.

Chefs, and foodies are renowned for their creativity.  So why not create a great email marketing campaign that will work hard for your hospitality business.

Go forth and cook up a storm.

Create a recipe for success.

Join in the conversation by leaving some feedback, or some fresh marketing ideas in the comments below.