It is an accepted fact that, if you are new to email marketing and you send out your first campaign, you are unlikely to garner a significant number of sales. This is of course very much dependent on the size of your recipient list, but even the largest lists need several nudges before they commit to purchase.

Most shoppers will need to be shown a product or service a few times before they’re willing to delve into their purse or wallet. Some industry thinkers even believe that, on average, consumers need to see an advertisement seven times before they even remember it.

Email marketing is a great example of where repetition can work wonders. Even better, there’s no reason for it to become irritating – quite the opposite. Your core message must repeat itself – that’s vital. To hold your audience’s attention, however, that message needs to evolve with each email.

The process your advertising emails go through, needs to convey the following:

  • Why they need the product or service
  • How they will use it
  • Reiteration of the above – repeat as necessary

How often you repeat the message depends, as always, on what it is you’re trying to sell and in which marketplace you operate. Any product or service, however, will need to be used in a certain way and the benefit of doing so needs to be driven home. This doesn’t mean a ‘hard sell’, but simply reinforcing your offering and showing your email recipients how proud you are of it. Combining this with a recent customer testimonial can also be a winning formula.

Repetition is a sure fire way to ensure your emarketing campaigns result in profitable sales. It’s also one of the easiest things to get wrong. Remember – if you’re getting bored of repeating the same thing over and over, you can guarantee your readership feel exactly the same. As soon as you feel that you sound like a broken record… stop and review. Get creative. Evolve your messages. Even if doing so takes seven emails, you are far more likely to get a better response from customers.