fathers-dayFather’s Day is just around the corner: Sunday 19th June to be exact. And, just like any other important day throughout the year, it’s a great opportunity for email marketers. However, not every marketer takes advantage of this date. In general, Father’s Day doesn’t generate as much of a buying frenzy as Mother’s Day (you don’t see as many trinkets and gifts in the shops for Dads as you do for Mums), but that doesn’t mean that the day should be ignored. Father’s Day spending has risen steadily year on year, so an email marketer that is able to capture the attention and imagination of their customers could see a significant boost in sales. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this important date:

Offer a Reminder

With their busy lives, and the fact that it’s not as ubiquitous as other celebrations, your customers may not even know which date Father’s Day falls on this year. If you are the company that reminds them that the date is approaching, your customers will, at the very least, be likely to browse the Father’s Day gifts you are offering. They may even make a purchase from you.

Make sure you feature the date of Father’s Day prominently in your email. Fragrance Expert put the date right in the subject line, so their customers can’t miss it:

As well as reminding them of the date that Father’s Day falls on, you can also let your customers know when the last date is they can order their gifts so that they’ll receive them in time for the big day. Montezuma’s Chocolates put their last order date in both the subject line and body of their Father’s Day email:

Give Some Ideas

Dads can be more difficult to buy for than Mums, not least because shops generally don’t offer as many Father’s Day gifts as Mother’s Day ones. Rather than leaving your customers in the dark, you can provide them with inspiration for gifts they could give their Dads when the date comes around. If possible, you could also base these gift ideas on things that your customers have previously browsed or bought.

L’Occitane have showcased a number of Father’s Day gifts in their email, and have provided clear links to their entire range of gifts:

It’s Not Just About Selling

Although the majority of your customers will be buying a present for their Dads this Father’s Day, not all of your marketing emails need to focus on selling things. Emails that provide tips or useful information to your customers can be just as useful to your company. They help mark you as an authority on your specialist subject, make your customers feel more valued and, most importantly, make them appreciate more the emails they receive from you.

Weber used their marketing email to provide some recipe inspiration to their customers for Father’s Day:

Father’s Day is growing ever more popular every year. If you’re helpful, creative and offer value with your marketing emails, yours could be the company that your customers choose to buy their gifts from this year.