mothers-dayIn the UK, Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. And, just like all the other notable dates throughout the year, it’s the perfect time for an email marketing campaign. However, these notable dates usually mean that there’s an influx of messages into your customers inboxes. You need to make sure that your emails are the ones that they take notice of. Here are a few ideas to help you:


Generally, Mother’s Day emails require a slightly different approach to other marketing emails. Possibly more than any other holiday, Mother’s Day has an air of sentimentality to it. Mother’s Day marketing usually contains a lot of emotional triggers, like love and appreciation. The focus is usually on meaningful, rather than frivolous, gifts. Using these emotional triggers in your emails can inspire those feelings in your customers, and make them think that the gifts you sell are the most appropriate ones for Mother’s Day.

Although it’s probably not what many would consider to be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, Fitbit have used sentimentality in their email in order to promote their products as a gift idea:

The wording that they have used makes the Fitbit seem like a gift that will be long lasting and ‘give back’ to your Mother. They have also used some more traditional Mother’s Day accoutrements in their image, like flowers and jewellery.

Sentimentality can also extend to the images you use in your emails. In this promotional image from Apple, they have included a picture of a mother and child embracing in order to inspire sentimentality in their customers:

Gift Ideas

Sometimes, customers need a little hand holding when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. If a customer has no idea what gift they’re going to buy, you could be the one to show them the way. Use your marketing emails to showcase some of your most popular, and most inspiring, Mother’s Day gifts.

Red Candy used their marketing email to showcase a lot of different Mother’s Day gifts for different kinds of Mothers:

This also provides an excellent opportunity for segmentation. You can use your customer’s age, demographic and purchase history in order to suggest relevant Mother’s Day gift ideas to them.


It’s likely that many of your customers will leave their Mother’s Day shopping until the last minute. It’s up to you to provide a solution for these procrastinating shoppers. Let them know if there’s still time to order from you, or suggest presents that don’t need delivery, like gift vouchers or a meal out. This is also a good time to showcase some of your more expensive gifts: shoppers who are in a hurry are more likely to spend more.

L’Occitane offered their last minute shoppers free next day delivery on Mother’s Day gifts. They also used the email to showcase some gift ideas:

Two days before Mother’s Day last year, Chiquito let their customers know that there was still time to book a table for the occasion. They also offered Mother’s Day diners a free dessert:

Mother’s Day emails can be hugely effective in driving sales. Get your emails right and you could achieve great success this Mother’s Day, and in years to come.