email-surveysEmail is a great way to reach out to your customers. A well-crafted email will show your subscribers that you care about them and that you’re interested in meeting their needs. The majority of emails you send will probably be used to update your customers about your company, or let them know about new products in your range. However, there may be times where you’re interested in knowing a little more about them. According to DMA’s National Client Email Report, email surveys are the third most popular way for marketers to achieve their campaign objectives. This is because, when used correctly, email surveys can be an extremely powerful tool. Here are just some of the ways that email surveys can be of use to you and your company:

Gain More Information About Your Customers

This is probably the first thing you think about when it comes to email surveys. Their primary objective is to help you learn more about your customers in order for you to serve them better. By learning about your customers in this way, your future marketing campaigns can meet their exact needs and should, therefore, be more successful. Homebase recently sent this email to ask their customers for feedback:

In this email, Homebase have offered their customers a ‘reward’ of 100 Nectar points for completing the survey. In general, people can be reluctant to reveal information about themselves unless they get something in return.

Although this is what they’re most commonly used for, there’s more to email surveys than just getting customers feedback. They can provide valuable marketing opportunities in themselves.

Show Your Customers You Value Their Opinion

These days, customers want to feel valued by the brands they are loyal to. As well as enabling you to learn more about them, an email survey will show your customers that theirs is the opinion that you value. When they feel valued, a customer will be more likely to remain loyal to a brand. In order to create this feeling in your customers, your emails should be worded like this one from L’Occitane:

Here, L’Occitane have highlighted how much the customer feedback means to them. This feeling of inclusion will also make your customers more inclined to participate in future email surveys and feedback opportunities.

Improve Products and Services

As well as helping you improve your email marketing offerings, email surveys can help you improve what your company does as a whole. When you’re looking to alter an aspect of the products or services that you offer, there’s no better opinion to ask for than that of your customers.

Before they added new content, Fitstar Personal Trainer used a survey email to ask their customers what they would like:

By doing this, you can be confident that any additions or changes you make to your company will meet the needs of your customers.

Get People Into Your Stores

The ultimate aim of email marketing is to encourage your customers to make a purchase from you. In order to do this, you will have to get your customers into your store, whether online or on the high street. An email survey can help with this.

As a reward for completing a survey, Crabtree and Evelyn offered their subscribers a free hand cream as a ‘thank you’, but they had to visit their store to collect it. While the customer was there, they may have been encouraged to make a purchase:

Although they might not currently be a major part of your marketing strategy, email surveys can be incredibly powerful. Include one in your next email marketing campaign, and you’ll see the benefits that email surveys can offer.