Are these email template designs fir for purpose?A well-thought-out email template design immediately builds trust with the recipient and also provokes impulsive purchases.  An attractive template that is fit for purpose certainly entices prospects and customers to your service.  But is it as easy as throwing some images into a drag and drop editor and pressing send?

OK that was an obvious rhetorical question.  There some best practices that should be observed.  You need to be aware that there is a variety of email service providers.  Furthermore, there are myriad different devices on which your email can be viewed.  Each will render your text and images differently.


Making your Email Template Design Fit for Purpose

It is advised to stay within a max width of 650px or less. This is a standard which suits most of email clients on the market.

Have a compelling message above the fold, when a recipient opens an email, they don’t want see blocked images without any content.

More and more people are now looking at emails on the go thanks to smart phone technology. With this in mind, it is important that emails are now also designed for mobile users in mind.  Responsive email design should now be of standard.

Now that you understand the basics restraints, lets look at some great email marketing templates.


Suits you sir, suits you…

A well designed email template  looks the part and is fit for purpose! In the Alton Towers example below, we can see that recipients can easily navigate to sections of the Alton Towers website. This is where the magic happens! Also, they have created big powerful call-to-actions. These are great goals which helps the recipient digest the articles.



Email Template Design Fit For Purpose Alton Towers


Grazing the Rainbow

Graze is a fine example of a brand in love with colour. Although the structure of the design is not the most email clients friendly. Moreover, in this case, colour and imagery has been prioritised over best practise.

As we can see from the example, there is a minute ratio of text to image (i.e. 20:80). There is also a lengthy image above the fold.  If image blocking is turned on, very little text content will be visible to the recipients.

Despite not being quite fit for purpose, it is still an attractive email template design.  Graze has created a juicy variety of colours with one tempting call-to-action: “Get 3 half price boxes”.

Email Template Design Fit For Purpose Graze

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Less is more: I prefer my sleep personally

This Casper email is a very good example of a contemporary email with little imagery but still passes across its general message and main goal “Purchase Tickets”.

The simplicity of the message, and sparsity of text delivers a targeted and streamline content.  Less is definitely more for Casper.  Who really has time to read streams of copy these days?

Email Template Design Fit For Purpose Casper

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Make it Urgent

A good simple example of a visual email template design.  It promotes a distinct sense of urgency to the recipient.

Despite the urgency, the lack of text will damage the deliverability.  Furthermore, a fit for purpose template will link to social media.

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What goes on in the background

This Nokia Music store email is a stunning visual email promoting the latest downloadable music. As you can see in the top section (Above the fold) the email contains a full width background image. Background images can make an email look extremely beautiful as this adds another dimension visually.

The only negatives for including background images to your email template design is down to which email render them well?

Microsoft Outlook unfortunately does have some issues. Background images might display, but the size at which they render can alter. If your background image is positioned precisely with other overlaying content, you may find problems.

But its always worth testing and most of the time they work very well.

Email Template Design Fit For Purpose Nokia

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Who Wants to See Something Irritating?

I would say the idea of this waterpark slide campaign is very cool, but is it really just a gimmick? It is not fit for purpose in my opinion.  Even though it is very creative and interesting, the designer may have just created the most irritating email ever.

If images are blocked on the recipients email client, all they will see is a broken image. Also, you are relying on the recipient to follow the email all the way down to the bottom where the brand name is.

It’s best to get the message across as soon as possible, the average recipients attention span is upto 11.1 seconds according to Litmus.

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The pre-occupation with Email Template Design

As Holly Hunt asserts, in her 18 Inspiring Email Newsletter Examples From Brands We Love, it is too easy to think “Flaunt what you got” when it comes to creating a newsletter for their brand.  It isn’t all a case of throwing in “pictures of your recent products” and “a catchy title”.

In an earlier article, I discussed how effective a text only email might be.  A simple format carries a simple message.  Don’t feel that you have to stuff your emails full of video and glittery images.  Certain spam filters might pick up on the image to text ratio and either junk, or bounce your email.

Get the best from your brand and design email templates that are fit for purpose.