Although our weather might have taken a turn for the worse recently, people are still definitely in summer holiday mode. You can take advantage of your customer’s relaxed summertime attitude in your email marketing. Summer definitely makes an excellent theme for your marketing emails and can be very inspirational for your customers. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Summer Sales

It’s not uncommon for retail outlets to have a big clear out over the summer months. If you’re planning on having a summer sale, email marketing is a great way to promote it. Make the subject line short, and word it so it’s will quickly grab the attention of your customers, just like in this example from Tesco:

Within the body of the email, you can feature some of the items that will be included in the sale, but you might getting a higher click-through rate if you don’t. Like in this example from Pepperberry, you can just include an attractive graphic to promote your sale:

This approach plays on your customer’s level of intrigue. If they are a fan of the brand (which they probably are if they’ve signed up for an email newsletter), they are likely going to be interested in what items are in the sale, so will click-through the email. If you include some sale items in your email, your customer may decide that they don’t like them and dispose of the message, without clicking-though to look at the entire range.

You can also your your email newsletters to give your customers priority access to sale items or let them known when a sale is coming to an end.

Summer Products

There are certain products that are more appropriate to promote over the summertime; sun cream, beach towels and swimming costumes for example. But you can also use this as an opportunity to think creatively. It’s likely that there is something in your range of products of services that can be linked, in some way, to summer.

In this example, Blue Nile have used the summer theme to promote their range of brightly-coloured gemstones:

Medic animal used their summer-themed newsletter to promote their range of drinking fountains for animals:

 This is a great way of showcasing products that your customer’s might be interested in at a certain time.

Summer Mentions

You don’t need to use the summer theme to promote anything in particular. Sometimes just the mention of summer can be enough to encourage your customers to click-through.

According to research by the University of Michigan, warm, sunny weather can broaden the mind and have a positive effect on mood. The positive feelings associated with the summertime could make your customers more receptive to emails with a summer theme.

In this example, Sensationail have used bright, cheerful colours to tap into their customers’ positive summer mood:

When it comes to summer emails, almost anything goes. By thinking creatively and timing your promotions right, you can use this positive season to your advantage.