Email marketing consistency and trustIt is easy to forget that email marketing is a process rather than a one-time action. It is an ongoing process for promoting your brand, products and services and is something which must both evolve and be consistent. Today, we focus on the latter.

Consistency is key in email marketing. If you are to build a positive relationship with your subscribers, you need to send emails when they expect you to. You need to include content which won’t shock or bore them to the point of disengagement. Being consistent with both the content and delivery of your messages will ensure your subscriber base feels valued and, crucially, establishes a layer of trust between you both.

Consistency will enable you to boost sales, educate your customers, convert those who would otherwise never have purchased from you and, perhaps most importantly, will raise your profitability by cutting time and labour costs.

Here’s what email marketing consistency can do for your business…

Building trust

If your emails contain consistent and useful information, your subscribers will trust you more. Similarly, if you know they trust you, you can trust them enough to open and engage with your emails on a regular basis. Considering your emails as simply a way to grab some quick sales or pitch for new business will likely remove that layer of trust. Consistent messages which build on a theme and create a knowledge base will also prove you are an expert in your field. As consumers, we trust experts, and we’re far more likely to buy from them.

Fulfil their expectations

Successful email marketing is all about filling expectations. Raising people’s hopes only to dash them seconds later on a poor landing page which doesn’t live up to the original promise is one way to reduce the size of your subscriber list. Delivering your emails when they expect them to appear in their inbox will help your cause. Consider your favourite newspaper. It lands through your letterbox, or appears on the shelf at the newsagent exactly when you expect it to – your email needs to do the same. Most subscribers will remain on your list because they want to receive messages from you. If you maintain a schedule which delights them both with the content contained within and the time at which it is delivered, you will fulfil their expectations. It’s something you can never take your eyes off, either – if you fail to send your regular emails for an extended period of time, they may even wonder if you exist any more and will stop looking out for your email in their crowded inbox.

Relationship building

Consistent email marketing ensures their is a clear line of communication ever present between your business and its customers who have chosen to subscribe. Nothing will build a relationship more than consistency – this is true in all areas of life. In email marketing, it is the only way you will see a valuable return on your investment. It is a slow process, but one which is 100% worth it.

Increase sales and profitability

Since the financial crash in 2008, the world of sales, just like the world in which it inhabits, is a very different place. The path to conversion is a much longer one and is something which needs to be worked at harder than ever. In truth, all of the fruits of consistency I’m describing in this blog post will contribute to increased sales, but email marketing has an added ingredient which many forms of marketing long for – it is inexpensive. That means sales resulting from it will inevitably be more profitable. You’re spending less to acquire new business, and that’ll keep everyone happy. If you are sending emails at consistent times with, for example, offer codes, subscribers will become accustomed to looking out for them and will likely spend more money with you as a result. Email consistency = more sales = a bigger bottom line. Simple!

Educating subscribers

You understand your products and services, but your customers may not. More over, those who have never bought from your but who have felt compelled enough to sign up to your email marketing list may have very little idea of what you’re all about. It will take time for these people to gain a full understanding of your brand. By consistently sending emails which gradually and unobtrusively build on your brand message and extol your virtues, your subscribers will begin to understand how your products and services might benefit them. If your emails are sporadic and focus too heavily on quick sales, they’ll be none the wiser. Educate your subscribers, and do it as consistently as that maths class appeared during your week at school!


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