fashion-brandsTraditionally, fashion is something that people have shopped for in store. Generally, people like to see clothes in the flesh, feel the quality of the material, and try things on to see how well they fit. However, this doesn’t mean that fashion brands should abandon an online strategy altogether. Fast deliveries and easy returns policies mean that more people than ever are shopping for clothing and accessories online. This means that, like almost any business, fashion brands can take advantage of all the benefits that email marketing has to offer.

A good email marketing campaign can help drive traffic to your your website (or business to your bricks and mortar store). It can help build trust between your customers and your business, thereby turning them into more loyal customers. Here are just some of the ways that fashion brands can use email marketing to their advantage:

Incentivise Subscribing

In order for your company to benefit from email marketing, you need to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list. After all, it won’t do much good if no one is reading the emails you’re sending out! Ideally, you should make it as simple as possible for people to subscribe to your email list. Put a clear and simple sign up form on your website, or you can ask your customers for their email addresses when they make a purchase in store.

A way to really drive sign ups to your mailing list is to incentivise subscribing in some way. You can offer your customers a small percentage discount when they sign up to your list or, like New Look do, you can enter every new subscriber into a competition:

New Look Sign UpYou’ll notice that this sign up form also allows new subscribers to state their preferences. That way, they get a bespoke email experience.

Advertise Your Benefits

Although it’s becoming more common, some people are still reluctant to to shop for fashion online. They may worry that they won’t like the item when they see it in the flesh, or that they’ll be stuck with an item that doesn’t fit them properly. You can use email marketing to quell these fears.

When someone signs up to your mailing list, send them a welcome email advertising all the benefits that your company offers. Put particular emphasis on how easy it is to shop with you and your delivery options, and give your customers a way to contact you should they have a problem or query. Mint Velvet send this email to their new subscribers:

Mint Velvet Subject Mint Velvet 1 Mint Velvet 2
Keep Things Seasonal

Your marketing emails should showcase products that your customers are likely to be thinking about buying at the time. For a fashion brand, the simplest way to do this is, as each new season approaches, use email to showcase clothes and accessories that are appropriate for that season. This will show your customers that you are responding to their needs.

Roman Originals sent this email to give their subscribers a first look at their new summer arrivals:

Roman Subject Roman 1 Roman 2
As you can see, email marketing can be a useful tool for fashion brands. Used correctly, it can help instil confidence in your customers, and help you build long lasting, trusting relationships with them.