Valentine's email marketingFebruary is the month of love. We know this at mailingmanager, which is why we’re giving away posh chocolates with every paid monthly mailingmanager account sign-up between now and 5PM on 14th February. Contact us to find out more.

Last week, we considered some ways in which you could leverage the power of Valentine’s day to boost your email marketing efforts. It can be as powerful as Christmas when it comes to using annual events to raise awareness of your brand and you can have great fun with it, too.

Today, we’ll take a look at an example of Valentine’s in action. Apple’s email marketing efforts are always to be admired, and they’ve hit the nail squarely on the head yet again with the message which popped into my inbox last week.

Let’s start with the subject line:

Subject line

This is a great example of how creative you can be with subject lines. You don’t have to stick to one sentence; by using two in the example above, they’ve effortlessly conveyed the product on offer and the benefit it can offer at a particular time of the year.

Of course, the message that follows would be nothing if it didn’t live up to the subject line. Happily, we’re not disappointed:

Apple email

A point to note: the headline doesn’t match the subject line. When working on a campaign, it can be all-too-easy to simply copy the subject line and use it as the headline, too. That’s a bit lazy, though, if we’re honest. It is a far better idea to continue the story you started with the subject. In this case, we know we’re talking iPads and Valentines, and ‘Love is in the Air’ sets us up for the rest of the message. It has a double meaning, too, referencing both the event and the product (in this case, the iPad Air).

The paragraph which opens the email is a masterclass in copywriting, but it also contains two call-to-actions (CTAs), before we hit the main red button. We’re yet to make our way down even a fifth of the email and we already know what’s on offer, why it’s such a good idea to buy and exactly how to buy.

The image is great, too. Apple are blessed with photogenic products, but they’ve once again kept the theme of the email going with a romantic red background on the iPad itself. The image is actually pretty big, in email terms (there’s a good third or so of it missing in the screenshot above). If I’m honest, that’s the only convention they break – it’s a little too big.

So, why scroll any further? It’s unlikely many will, so strong is the initial play (and size of that image), but delve a little further down, and the story continues:

Email example

The red theme is kept up throughout the text and product photos, as is references to Valentine’s. I mentioned last week that this is the time to use the word ‘love’, no matter what you sell, and Apple have gone about it in spades. Note the simple CTAs, too. There’s nothing wrong with using text for CTAs, particularly if your main one is so strong.

Lastly, the footer takes the opportunity to push their additional services, all of which may be of use to those considering a purchase. Clearly, Apple want to capitalise on anyone flush enough to really spoil their loved one on the 14th:

Email footer example

How do you plan to create your own romantic sense of occasion this February?

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