It’s that time of year. And, while you’re probably sick of hearing how many ‘sleeps’ there are until Christmas, now is the time for businesses to start considering and marketing special offers. A simple premise maybe, but one which is made infinitely more accessible and profitable by email marketing.

There are two types of promotional offers to consider:

1) Lead generating

Depending on your type of business and the industry in which you operate, you may need to nurture prospects before they turn into paying clients. This is often the case in business-to-business dealings. The goal for an offer of this type is to unobtrusively gauge interest from prospects which require several temptations before committing to buy. Consider the following three examples of how you can engage them and keep them interested:

“Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation, 30 minute onsite consultation.”

“Download our free report on the event.”

“To receive a free one month trial, visit our website and sign up to our newsletter.”

2) Direct response

If your company allows people to buy your products and services directly from your website, or by other means such as via telephone or in-store, a direct response offer will work wonders. Unlike lead generation, these offers are designed to produce results instantly, with customers buying as a result of receiving your email.

The simplest ideas work best here, and offering coupons or percentage discounts are a fantastic way of driving people to the appropriate landing page on your site (ideally the shopping basket checkout screen!).

The key with direct response offers is to suggest a sense of urgency. “Buy one get one free, ends soon!”, or “Sign up before January 25th to receive 25% extra”, are likely to encourage an immediate response from your audience.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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