Father’s Day in the UK is held on the third Sunday of June. It’s a chance for siblings to honour their dad and make a special effort to demonstrate how much they mean to them.

It’s also a chance for email marketers to capitalise on yet another annual public event that’s capable of providing a welcome boost to the bottom line.

Event-themed email campaigns are brilliant revenue drivers for brands that sell direct to consumers, and if that’s the kind of business you run, we’ve got five tips that will help you craft the perfect Father’s Day email.

1. Play the ‘reminder’ card

Check out this email from the gadget shop, Red5:

The subject line (not pictured) reads “Don’t forget our Father’s Day Early Bird Special…” and it knows exactly what it’s doing, because when we skim read that subject line, we simply see the phrase “Don’t forget Father’s Day”. Try it!

Email marketing campaigns that arrive come Father’s Day will regularly play the ‘reminder’ card by acting as a helpful prompt that the day is fast approaching. It just so happens that they also have a rather tempting offer to help you out – funny, eh?

2. Keep it simple

Plenty of people will be looking for a simple present solution for Father’s Day, and for many, that might be nothing more than a trip to his favourite pub for a pint and spot of lunch.

This email demonstrates how to capture the attention of such people with simple design, relevant imagery and a clear call-to-action:

3. Emphasise the ability to find rather than save

Despite the fact consumers continue to find ever-inventive ways to save their pennies, when it comes to events like Mother’s and Father’s day, they’re often more interested in finding the most appropriate present.

For this reason, it pays to experiment with email campaigns that focus on your ability as a store to help people find the right Father’s Day present. Just using the subject line “Find a great gift for dad this Father’s Day” could result in a significant number of click-throughs to your website.

4. Get in there early

If time allows (and it should, given the benefits on offer to your business), it makes sense to send Father’s Day email promotions nice and early. That means longer than a week ahead and opting for an early bird offer that has a tight close date.

Online retailer Firebox understands the power of such campaigns, as can be seen in the following example:

5. Use “Dad” or “Father’s Day” in the subject line

This might sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many Father’s Day related emails neglect one of the most important engagement tactics.

For maximum impact come Father’s Day, make sure you include references to “Dad” or “Father’s Day” in the subject line – people will be looking for it.

Wrapping up: Examples of great Father’s Day Headlines

If we’ve inspired you to create a blockbusting Father’s Day email campaign, we’d like to give you one last push to build something that will drive more revenue by presenting some of our favourite Father’s Day-related subject lines:

  • Celebrate Dad with an Airbnb gift card (Airbnb)
  • Our Favourite Gifts For Father’s Day (Ralph Lauren)
  • Thank you, dad! (Patagonia)
  • Get Up to 50% Off Father’s Day Gifts (Amazon.com)
  • Dad always saves the day…now it’s your turn (AT&T)
  • The perfect Father’s Day treat from only £9.99 (Haymarket)
  • Three cheers to Dad! (Salisbury Arms)
  • Dad’s Day special swooping in for a limited time (iFLY)

Simple and effective, aren’t they?