Sceptical Clients and Email MarketingIf you’re a marketing agency or freelancing marketing consultant, you may have considered integrating email into your list of services. It makes sense, after all; why not provide a form of marketing that remains one of the most relevant in the digital economy?  Clients can’t still be sceptical can they?

Unfortunately, you may find it rather tricky to sell this service to your clients. They’ll consider it ‘too expensive’, ‘not worth the effort’ or – worse still – ‘out of touch’ with modern marketing methods.

Both you and I know they’re wrong, but they’re clearly none the wiser. But, if you feel like you’ve exhausted all options , we recommend trying the following tactics:

Remind them of the biggest number of all

According to studies, there will be over 3.8 billion active email users across the globe by 2019.

That’s a simply colossal figure, and highlights just how big an opportunity lies beyond the ‘send’ button.

The market for email marketing is massive, and far from being a dying form of communication. It is clearly still relied upon by most people across the planet. Why would your clients ignore them?

Discuss return on investment (ROI)

Ah – ROI… the figure every business owner revels in when it’s large and screams at when it’s below par (or negative).

The return generated for businesses from email marketing continues to grow, with some reports suggesting it offers a median 122% ROI. There are very few marketing channels or methods that offer quite the same bang-for-buck.

Talk about deliverability

We say this a lot, but for good reason. Email marketing is particularly powerful because it offers a single channel and defined end-point.

That end-point is the recipient’s inbox, and the channel is one of the most secure out there. You get in front of potential customers when they’re  engaged. You also avoid getting lost in a sea of tweets, updates or Google search results.

Highlight the benefits of automation

People are often (and understandably) sceptical of certain forms of marketing simply because of the amount of time they think is required to undertake them.

When it comes to email marketing, this is no longer a concern. Pick the right email marketing client, and you’ll benefit from automation tools that enable you to schedule email campaigns and have automated responses sent to people at key touch points during their journey to becoming a customer.

No one wants to be made redundant by a form of marketing, but email automation will enable your clients to better manage their time and invest it in evaluating the effectiveness of each campaign.

Demonstrate what it’s all about with a report

Thankfully, systems like mailingmanager offer a wealth of reporting for email marketing campaigns. So, you’re really struggling to convince your clients to invest in this form of marketing, try showing them some real-world reports of its successes.

Run some campaigns yourself and keep the most successful on file for these purposes. Demonstrate the rates of engagement, click-throughs and eventual orders that were placed, all thanks to a simple message that was sent directly to your subscribers’ inboxes.

Wrapping up

You might find that just one of the tactics above works, or that it requires a combination to make your clients part with their hard earned money.

Whatever it takes, go for it, because the returns they’ll enjoy and the success you’ll be able to deliver as a result of email marketing will live long in their memory.

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