2014 is hereRemember Christmas? Seems like an age ago already, doesn’t it? However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to harnessing the power of the festive period for your marketing efforts. Far from it.

Although we’re over a week into 2014, people will still be taking their time to get into the swing of things. Getting back to ‘reality’ (whatever that may be) is difficult for many, and, quite often, a little reminder of the good times which have been and gone can spark their interest.

A leading supermarket chain certainly seems to be aware of this. A few days ago, an email popped into my inbox with the following header:

Email header



Conveying the entire email with just an appropriate ‘from’ name and subject line is the email marketing equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. They’ve done just that, here. Reading the rest of the message is almost rendered pointless – I’ll just be looking for the call-to-action.

I’m glad I did read the rest of the email, though, as it is another great example of how to engage subscribers after the festive period.

The pre-header is great too:

Email pre-header


My email client picked this out perfectly and there’s a clear message that, if I want to continue receiving these emails in the future, I need to ensure I start trusting the address from which they are being sent.

Emails are increasingly borrowing design cues from websites, often to the point where they imitate them entirely. Take a look at the uppermost part of this email:

Email header


You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re already on the website – but that’s the point. Setting expectations from the outset is what makes emails effective. If I click on any of the links in that header, I’m taken to not only the correct page on their website, but a page which looks incredibly similar to the email. I know where I am, I know I can trust it and, consequently, I’m more likely to proceed with a purchase. They have also taken the opportunity to confirm their free delivery service, which simply makes the decision making process for the recipient far easier.

So, how do we say thank you to the person who slaved over a hot stove on Christmas day? Simple:



A single, great image, note of the price and a call-to-action. No nonsense, and entirely engaging.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget a new year has indeed begun, and, just as it is important to lean on times passed, it is also time to look ahead. In this example, they’ve taken the opportunity to announce a new range:

Email screenshot


And, with one fell swoop, we’re over the post-Christmas blues and looking ahead to warmer, exciting times. Email is all about telling a story. If you can take your subscribers on a journey as they read, they’ll want to hear more. You can bet your bottom dollar that the announcement of the spring range above is just the start – I’ll no doubt be hearing a great deal more about that as the months progress.

How have you started your 2014 email campaign?


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net


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