customersAs I’m sure you know, customers are the key to the success of any business. Keep them happy, and they will help your business grow and thrive. But, provide your customers with poor service, and your business will soon begin to struggle.

Keeping your customers happy takes a lot more than just providing what you think is good service. These days, people expect companies to understand what makes them tick and respond to their needs. That will require you to do some work to get to know your customers better. Thankfully, email marketing makes getting to know your customers easy. And, once you have a thorough understanding of your customers, you will be able to better target your future email marketing campaigns.

Here are some tips to help you use email marketing to get to know your customers better:

Improve Your Sign Up Forms

The majority of e commerce sites have something like this, from Topshop, on their home page:

Topshop Signup
Sign up boxes like this are great for quickly capturing addresses for your mailing list. Customers can sign up for your list without much of a thought. But, you really don’t learn very much about your customers from a sign up form like this. By capturing more customer information with your sign up forms, you can send them more relevant offers and even a birthday treat.

There are two ways you can do this: you can put a more detailed sign up form on your website, or you can send your new sign ups an email asking them to confirm their subscription, which will then direct them to a form where you can capture more details about them.

Tory Burch uses a detailed sign up form on their site:

Tory Sign Up

This page captures plenty of information about the customer without them having to fill out a long, time consuming form. Also, customers are only required to fill out their email address and country; they do not have to fill out any further information, should they not want to.

Send Email Surveys

The sign up stage isn’t the only point where you can learn more about your customers. If you find that your email marketing campaigns aren’t performing as well as they used to, learning more about your customers could help.

A survey can be used to learn more about the customers you don’t have much information on, and can also help identify areas where your own service can be improved. You can attach a link to an online survey in one of your marketing emails. However, you will need a pretty powerful call to action to encourage your customers to click through.

Take this example from Bespoke Offers:

Bespoke Offers Survey

They offer their customers a chance to win a £200 Amazon voucher in return for completing the survey. They also don’t explicitly say if they are using the survey to capture customer information; they say they want to know how their service could be improved. This wording, along with the strong call to action, could encourage their customers to click through.

For your survey, you could ask some questions about the service that you offer (to learn areas of improvement), but include a form where your customers have to fill in their data before the survey can be submitted. Again, your customers have the choice whether or not they complete the survey, if they do not want to give away their personal information.

Learning more about your customers will not only help improve your email marketing campaigns, it will also help you serve them better. Improve your customer relationships and your business as a whole will improve.

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