This is big. Forget Apple’s latest confusingly-named iPhone or the impending release of yet another 80s film remake everyone’s talking about – your product launch is the most exciting thing on the horizon. You can feel the hype.

But how do you whip up levels of hype Steve Jobs would be proud of? How do you ensure this product launch isn’t a complete flop?

You read the rest of this blog – that’s what you do!

Your product changes lives – explain why!

Stop sniggering – it does! There’s a reason you designed and built this product, and that’s because it genuinely changes the lives of its target audience.

It doesn’t matter how big or small that change is; it’ll be noticeable, beneficial and satisfying for anyone who hands over their hard-earned cash.

So, return to your original plans and discussions about the product and rediscover the reasons it now exists. It’s incredibly easy to forget what they were during the arduous process of creating the thing, but a quick reminder is all you’ll need to get those creative marketing juices flowing.

Find a few influencers (they don’t have to be famous)

Consumers go about their buying journey very differently in the digital age. They’re less likely to be swayed by good salespeople and far more likely to be influenced by… you guessed it – influencers.

There’s a bit of a misnomer that an influencer needs to be an established YouTube star complete with eight million followers, but that isn’t the case. Your influencer could simply be a customer with whom you’ve been testing beta versions of the product – they’ll do just fine!

All you need is someone who isn’t directly employed by your business but who has used the product and benefited from it in the way you envisaged. Once you have that person, they can be left to do the talking leading up the product launch with next to no effort from you.

Include quotes and video testimonials from your influencer in all email communication about the product launch.  It’ll have a powerful effect.

Create a landing page

This one’s easy. Make sure you create a dedicated landing page for the new product.

We recently posted a blog about how to do this properly, and it’s definitely worth a read.

Drip feed and go all ‘Hollywood’

Humans like suspense. We like to be titillated and left crying out for more – it’s why box-sets and film trailers are so popular.  They create the hype you want.

You can do the same with your email marketing campaigns for the product launch. Drip feed the features, tease with tightly-cropped photography and use short, suggestive sentences to whip your subscribers into a frenzied hype.

Hollywood nails this stuff, so take some time out to watch your favourite trailers and ‘borrow’ a few ideas from them.

Launch a contest for early adopters

This is a great way to both create some buzz around a product and guarantee some early sales.

Early adopters are lovely people who will pay for something before anyone else. If a product is new, untested in the market but is marketed so well that it screams “buy me!”, they’ll almost definitely do so without thought.

To tempt people into doing this with your new product, offer something in return for their devotion. A small discount or retail voucher might be all you need to get people in early and turn the heads of those who are sitting on the fence.

Final thought

Have fun with your product launch emails – they’re some of the most enjoyable to put together. Our tips above are non-exhaustive, but all they need is a dose of your own time and creativity to ensure all of that research, development and manufacturing doesn’t go to waste.