Email marketing should be used as a tool to improve the relationship between your company and your customers. However, poorly executed email marketing campaigns can seem intrusive, pushy and annoying, and can actually damage your customer relationship. In order to best achieve success with your communications, you should always adhere to these tenets of email marketing etiquette:

Always Obtain Permission

Sending a marketing email without first obtaining permission from the recipient not only displays poor etiquette, it is also in violation of the law. Every contact in your database needs to have ‘opted-in’ in order to receive communications from you.

Don’t Spam Your Contacts

There is a fine line between keeping your email contacts constantly engaged and spamming them. Send your recipients too many messages and you will be viewed and a nuisance and your company’s reputation will be damaged. The best way to determine your ideal email sending frequency is by conducting thorough testing.

Make Unsubscribing Simple

Every email that you send your contacts should include an option for them to unsubscribe. This should also be as simple a process as possible. Once a user has chosen to unsubscribe, you should remove them from your list as soon as possible. This will help you uphold a positive company image.

Engage Inactive Subscribers

If you have subscribers who have not opened or clicked on your emails for a long time, make an effort to engage with them. Send them a message asking if they’d like to unsubscribe from your list, or if they’d like to subscribe to a different type of email communication. This will show your subscribers that you care about their needs and that you don’t want to continually inundate them with irrelevant information.