order-conformationThere’s one thing that all e commerce businesses have in common: they all send order confirmation emails. Order confirmation emails have extremely high open rates. This is because they are sent to people who have a prior interest in your company, usually within a few moments of them making a purchase; a time when a customer will be highly receptive to messages from you.

According to Experian’s Transactional Email Report, transaction rates are 8 times higher for order confirmation emails than for bulk mailings. Yet, in spite of this, many companies are still sending order confirmation emails that look like this:

Old order

These days, sending a plain text order confirmation is wasting an opportunity. These emails can be used to take advantage of your customer’s receptive state, creating more brand engagement and, hopefully, sales.

In order to connect with your customers with your order confirmation emails, you will need to customise them. Here are a few of the things you can do to take advantage of this excellent selling opportunity:

Recommend Products

Order confirmation emails should be sent as soon as possible after a customer has made a purchase. At that time, they are likely to be in a ‘buying’ frame of mind, and may be receptive to other purchase suggestions you give them. In your email, include some products that your customer may also be interested in, like QVC have done:

QVC Order

This order confirmation email is strong for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has an attractive design that is consistent with the brand. It is also personalised, and they thank the customer for making a purchase. The recommended products are prominent in the email, and they have even included one item that is at a special introductory price; that could give the customer an extra push towards making another purchase.

Encourage Customers to Connect With You

Some of the people who purchase from you may already have downloaded your mobile app, followed you on Twitter, and ‘liked’ you on Facebook. However, many of them may only have visited your website a handful of times, and may not be particularly familiar with your brand. You can use your order confirmation emails to help build brand loyalty by encouraging your customers to follow you on social media. The simplest way to do this is to include social media buttons at the bottom of your email.

Take this example from Bundle Stars:

Bundle Stars Confirmation

The social media links take pride of place in this message. The customer couldn’t fail to notice them! The confirmation is also friendly, and gives clear instructions on how the customer can access their purchase. However, they could have improved the message by making it more personal, and including some recommended products.

Build Trust

Once someone has made their first purchase with you, your goal should be to turn them into a repeat customer. In order to do this, you need to build trust between your company and them. You can use your order confirmation to do this. Inform them about the good customer service that you offer, and even let them know how they can return or cancel the order if they’re not happy.

Tesco include all this information in the email confirmation they send when someone orders their Delivery Saver plan:

Tesco Confirmation
This email includes all the information necessary to reassure the customer and build trust with them, and even lets the customer know how to contact the company if they have any further questions. If you include information like this in your order confirmations, you will demonstrate confidence in your product or service, and show that you care about your customers.

An order confirmation email is something your shouldn’t neglect! They offer excellent opportunities to provide good service and build on your customer relationships, potentially resulting in more conversions and sales for you.

Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images at FreeDigitalPhotos.net