Not too early for Christmas

At the time of writing, it’s October. Although, I’m going to admit something: I actually planned this Christmas blog post in September.

This neatly illustrates the point I wish to make. It’s never too early to start with Christmas-based marketing tasks.

I’m guilty. Other stuff got in the way. I prioritised seemingly vital tasks before those that had more longevity and a more meaningful end goal.

In my case, it was providing some much-needed festive email marketing advice in September. In your case, it might be the fact you haven’t even started to give Christmas a second thought.

Now is absolutely the best time of they year to be on top of your Christmas email marketing. Here’s why.

Christmas email inboxes are busy

You know what it’s like; as Christmas gets closer, your email inbox gets flooded with festive offers from businesses of all kinds.

The result? You probably get used to simply selecting all and hitting ‘delete’.

This is why, as a business, you should start planning and sending your email campaigns today – at least two or three months before the big day.

Email inbox space is always at a premium, but why would you chuck your message into an already bulging sack (if you’ll excuse the questionable pun)?

There are probably key campaigns waiting to be unearthed

To get Christmas email marketing right, you need to get creative, and that will call on every ounce of inspiration for campaigns you may have previously disregarded.

Old ideas or those that were kicked to the curb for being ‘too wacky’ might be perfect for Christmas, but they’ll need time to formulate fully and become living, breathing campaigns.

Start planning now, and those ideas will have plenty of time to come to the forefront of your mind.

It’s not just about Christmas Day

There’s actually a fair few competing festive days you can attach your brand to, which is why now is a good time to start planning some email campaigns.

Here’s three you’ll need to plan in advance:

You may even have your own keystone dates in November, December and January that need some solid planning if they’re to be successful, so take some time to think beyond Christmas itself.

You’ll need some seasonal assets

Regardless of your thoughts about the tackiness of adding a Santa hat to your logo or dusting your strapline with snow, seasonal marketing assets are a bit of fun which might just engage more people during the festive period.

The only problem is that this stuff takes time to create, and the last thing you want to be doing at the start of December is hurriedly putting something (terrible) together in Photoshop.

If there’s any marketing budget left over from the summer, why not use it to give your brand a dusting of Christmas magic in preparation for December?

Wrapping up

Christmas email marketing should be fun, but it rarely is if you spend most of the festive period chasing your tail.

So, dispense with the excuses and get those email campaigns planned and scheduled today!