January National Days 2019Did you know it was National Cream Puff Day on 2nd January?

No, we didn’t either.

That probably won’t fuel your email marketing ideas machine (you’ve got one of those, right?), but who are we to judge? And, regardless, there’s a tonne of National Days coming up during the first month of the new year that might just give you some inspiration for your next campaign.

Here’s our favourites:

1. National Hangover Day (January 1st)

Of course it is.

Whether or not you’ll be nursing a sore head after NYE celebrations is entirely up to you. However, your subscribers may be in the same boat if you wake up feeling like you’d rather be dead. If they are, they might be susceptible to a deal or two while they’re sat on the sofa feeling sorry for themselves.

Flying Cars and Dystopian Futures2. National Science Fiction Day (January 2nd)

This is a great excuse to get properly creative with your email marketing design.

Why not spice up your logo, branding and the imagery you use so that it reflects this national day of strange beings from distant planets, flying cars and dystopian futures?

3. National Whipped Cream Day (January 5th)

If you’re a cake maker or run a bakery, this will be the perfect day to go mad with the white stuff.

If you’re not… well, good luck.

4. National Technology Day (January 6th)

Those providing tech-based products and services can use this particular day as an excuse to shout even louder about their wares.

Given how prevalent technology is in our everyday lives, this is likely to be a busy one. Just like Black Friday, there’s no harm in jumping on certain bandwagons if it provides email marketing inspiration.

Key data

5. National Cut Your Energy Costs Day (January 10th)

This particular National Day is a great excuse to offer some actionable advice as part of your content marketing plan and share your recommendations via email.

Even if the tie to your products or services is loose, coming up with a few tactics people can use to cut their energy costs during what is typically quite a depressing month bank balance-wise is a great way to draw people to your brand.

6. National Hat Day (January 15th)

Ask the team to bring in a funny or favourite hat, take a few photos and share the results via email.

A bit of behind-the-scenes messing about is a great way to show the human side of your business!

7. National Get to Know Your Customers Day  (January 17th)

What more of an excuse do you need to run a poll or survey to find out more about your customers?

Think about key data you’re missing which will help fuel future campaigns!

Squirrel Appreciation Day8. Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21st)

This might be our favourite.

We have no idea what you’ll do with it, but we can’t wait to see.

9. National Spouses Day (January 26th)

If you work in ecommerce, this particular National Day will give you the opportunity to run a campaign centred on treating loved ones to something special. And who knows – some people might have been paid by this point.

10. National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (January 31st)

A great way to get some user generated content from your subscribers!

Ask them to send in illustrations or photos that inspire them, and share the best via your blog and an email campaign.

Wrapping up

January’s going to be a busy month, isn’t it! What’s your favourite National Day above?