As any marketing manager will tell you, calculating return on investment from advertising campaigns is a key measurement of their effectiveness. Email marketing is no different. The chances are, if you’re a business conducting email campaigns, the net result you’re after is increased revenue. Happily, e-marketing is one of the most cost effective methods of achieving this; it’s relatively low-cost and is one of the few mediums that allows you to hypothetically touch your recipients.

In order to turn email recipients into customers, you need to get them to sign up and say ‘I’d like to know more’. But how?

Landing pages are absolutely key, here. The first step in building a list of potential customers is to direct your recipients to a ‘contact us’ portal. It is therefore essential that the key link in your email lands on an appropriate page which encourages the visitor to register their details or sign up. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than clicking on a link in an email only to be diverted to a busy webpage which forces you to hunt for the ‘contact us’ section.

So, ensure you’re landing page is correct. Do that, and you’re halfway there – all you then need to do is direct people towards it.

Which brings us, curiously, onto magnets. A magnet is something which tempts people to your all-important landing page. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

A competition. Perhaps the most obvious, but equally most effective magnet is an invitation to register and, in return, be entered into a prize draw for something. Apple products are likely to draw attention (an iPod Touch or iPad, for example) or, if you’re budget is lower, why not give away a product your company offers?

Good copy. Nothing beats a well-written, intriguing email. Whether you write your copy in-house or employ an external copywriter, ensure the content in your email creates enough intrigue to make them want to click through to that landing page link. If you’re telling a story, tell a small part of it and leave them on a cliff hanger, revealing the epic conclusion on your ‘contact us’ page.

Give away a service. We’ve suggested you could give away a product above, but if you’re offering is service-based, why not give a portion of it away in exchange for a sign up? Whether that be a PDF/e-book on your area of expertise, or half-an-hour’s on-site consultation, it’s likely to be enough of a draw to get that person onto your list.

Happy list building!



Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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