Video is becoming an invaluable marketing tool. Creating a video for your company can drive a huge amount of customers to your website. Integrated video with your marketing emails is always a great way to make sure your message has impact, and can potentially boost response dramatically.

Delivering Video Content

Embedding video in emails can be challenging. Although, from a marketing perspective, you would ideally like your subscribers to view your video as soon as they open your email, it can lead to difficulties. Emails including embedded video are often caught up in spam filters, and they can highlight the technical limitations of your subscribers’ computers or mobile devices.

Rather than embedding video into your emails, consider uploading the content to a video sharing site, like YouTube, or your own website. Include a screenshot from the video and a ‘play’ button in your email. When your subscriber clicks the button, they will be automatically directed to your video landing page.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Improve Customer Relationships: Video can be used to deliver your marketing message is a concise yet engaging way. They can be used to connect with your customers in a very personal way on a regular basis. This improved communication can improve customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

Increase Your Reach: Videos can add a ‘wow’ factor to your marketing efforts, helping you to stand out from the crowd. Customers are also more likely to share interesting video content with others, potentially increasing your reach indeterminately.

Put a Face to Your Company: People like to use businesses that they know and trust. A video can put a ‘face’ to your company, giving your customers and clients and get to know you before they use your business.