January sales emailsI appreciate not every marketing professional reading this blog will work directly with consumers, therefore you’d be forgiven for moving on, having read the title of this post.

However, while I do indeed want to focus on email marketing tips for January sales, as with so many things, the advice in this post can be applied to most businesses. Marketing should result in an increased bottom line and more sales – that’s what this blog is all about.

Christmas is but a day away, therefore it is safe to assume your festive emails have been and gone (I hope they have proved successful!). Ahead, you have a very short period between Christmas and the new year, during which you can plan for January sales advertising. If you feel bad for having left it until now to start doing so, don’t. You’re not alone, and it can actually make sense to take a more ‘last minute’ approach to such marketing.

So, here’s how to make January a winning month:

Look further ahead

Right… woah, there. Let’s hang back a minute. There is one thing you should do before ploughing into your January offers and it’s a big one. Think. Far too many retailers and small business focus on January when it comes to offers. This can result in eleven months of the year where they are fewer in number, ill-thought or, even worse, of no real benefit to the customer. Combat this by planning further ahead – not just for January. Be that company which offers its customers fantastic deals all year round. Just reserve one or two ‘big ones’ for next month.

Think mobile

If truth be told, this is likely to be a heading, or at least referenced, to in most of my blogs throughout 2014. We already know that mobile now accounts for over half of all email opens. The reason? It’s convenient and always there. Subscribers’ inboxes are usually nestling in their pockets and ensuring your email translates well onto smaller screens should always be a focus, but particularly in January when people are rushed off their feet with offers flying at them from all angles. Also, there’ll be lots of new tablets and smartphones out there which your customers discovered under the Christmas tree. Make sure your email will work on their new toy.


Don’t just send out one email to your entire subscriber list. Play it a little cooler than that. After Christmas is the perfect time to start segmenting your lists. You will hopefully have plenty of people who bought from you in the run up to the big day, therefore you should be able to pre-empt what they might buy from you in January and which offers will tempt them the most. If someone bought a coffee bean grinder, they’ll perhaps want some cut-price beans. Divide your lists and send targeted emails to each.

Focus on the best deals and give them star treatment

There’s no getting away from it – January sales are all about big discounts and the very best deals. This may result in selling off old stock or Christmas stock which didn’t move in December, but whatever it is, make sure you still present it in the best possible light in your emails. Ever been into a department store in January to find the ‘Sale’ section lined with the scraps from the warehouse? Email gives you the perfect chance to avoid such disappointment. Yes, those desk tidies didn’t sell before Christmas, but they’re a fantastic idea for people heading back to work in January!

Don’t hesitate

As I mentioned at the start of this post, last minute preparations for January sales isn’t a bad idea, but make sure you get cracking. The sales period finishes quicker than ever these days (often midway through the month), so getting the very best deals out quickly is a must.

Lastly, a very merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!


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