EasterChristmas is widely thought to be the most important time of year for email marketing. Around the festive season, we see a massive increase in the number of promotional emails, time-limited offers and voucher codes, and sales see a boost as well. However, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not just at Christmas where you have to maximise your email marketing efforts. Any important event in the calendar offers marketing opportunities, and Easter is no exception. With Easter being just a few weeks away (Sunday April 5th), now is the time to start thinking about your Easter marketing campaigns. Here are some of the ways you can use Easter to make your email marketing ‘egg-cellent’!

Take Advantage of the Holiday

While not everyone is able to take the long Easter weekend off work, there are many people who do. As it also a time when children are off school, many people see Easter as the ideal time to take a holiday or short break. Hotels, travel agencies and holiday companies can use their Easter email campaign to let their customers know about any deals they have running at the time. Globehunters did this recently:

Globehunters Easter

This simple email goes a long way towards encouraging people to take a holiday at Easter. The attractive image, along with the promise of ‘guaranteed sunshine’ will certainly entice some customers. They have also made the offer time limited, which will encourage customers to act quickly. However, they have made the offer phone only; customers can’t simply click through on the email to take advantage of it. This extra step may discourage some people from taking up the offer. They may have benefited from including a link where people could find out about the deal, just like James Villas did in their Easter email:

James Villas Easter

Shopping and Sales

The long weekend also gives many people an excuse to go shopping! If you are running a sale or a special promotion during the Easter weekend (or in the run up to Easter), use your marketing emails to let your customers know about it. Tesco did this last year. They used as many tools as they could to get their customers to take advantage of their time-limited sale as soon as possible, firstly with the subject line:

Tesco Easter Subject

Then, they let their customers know when the sale ended in the pre-header text:

Tesco Easter Pre

The body of the email was relatively simple, but extremely effective in getting their specific message across:

Tesco Easter

Rather than cluttering the email with a selection of the product included in the sale, Tesco have simply including links to each department at the top and bottom of the message so interested customers can find out more.

Limited Edition Products

Although Easter is a time of year where many companies run time-limited sales and promotions, some brands also choose to release limited edition products to celebrate the time of year. These kinds of products can really help people get into the spirit of Easter, but only if they know that they’re available. You can use email marketing to let your customers know about any limited edition Easter products in your range, just like Yankee Candle did:

Yankee Subject

Yankee Easter

Montezumas also used an email to showcase their range of Easter eggs:


They have also included an offer in this email (‘FREE sample bag of our Dark Chocolate with Almond Praline Mini Eggs with all online orders over £30’) to encourage people to make a purchase.

Easter is a great time to engage with your customers. Use your email marketing to interest and inspire your audience, and you may be rewarded with a boost in sales.

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net