spooktacularIt seems that Halloween is getting increasingly popular every year. Last year, it was estimated that two thirds of the UK celebrated Halloween in some way, which led to a £330 million boost for retailers. This year, that figure looks set to increase. So, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are choosing to adopt a Halloween theme for their email marketing campaigns.

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As it’s been said before, it’s always a good idea to utilise current events within your email marketing campaigns. It helps you create more interesting and creative mailings, and taps into exactly what your customers are thinking about at a certain moment. And, as it’s estimated that Halloween is now the UK’s third highest spending holiday (after Christmas and Easter), it makes sense that you address it in your emails. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Run a Multi-Channel Campaign

You can’t just run one Halloween-related email the week before the holiday and expect your customers to take notice. In order to run a successful campaign, you need to make sure that yours is the company that people think of when ‘Halloween’ is mentioned (whether or not you sell pumpkins, costumes or sweets).

Liz Earle Beauty Company ran a successful multi-channel Halloween campaign last year. They filmed tutorials to show people how they can use their products to remove their Halloween make up, using the hashtag #HelloClean. They ran teaser videos on Instagram and linked to the videos in their marketing emails. The videos themselves were posted to YouTube and Facebook Whichever channel their customer choose to interact with the brand, they would have been aware of this campaign.


Liz-Earle-Beauty-InstagramHave a Theme

Many Halloween themed emails seem like a missed opportunity. They may have a subject line that refers to the holiday, but then the body of the email seems the same as always, like this one from Cat Hampurr:


Cat-Hampurr-EmailAll in all, it’s not a bad promotional email; it just doesn’t scream ‘Halloween’. A holiday like Halloween gives you the opportunity to be creative when it comes to your marketing emails. You could use colourful and creative Halloween-themed graphics, like Hobbycraft did:

HobbycraftYou could also showcase some of your Halloween-related offerings. iTunes used their Halloween email to advertise the ‘spooky’ films, apps and books that they offer:


The more creative you make your mailings, the more chance they have of sticking in your customers’ minds

Run a Promotion

Halloween, like any holiday, is a great time for your business to run a promotion. This is particularly useful if your business doesn’t sell or offer things that are traditionally Halloween-related. A mention of an offer or promotion in the subject line of your email could be enough to get your email noticed, even when your customers have Halloween at the forefront of their minds.

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La Tasca offered a promotional deal over Halloween last year to encourage people away from trick or treating and into their restaurants:


As you can see, Halloween offers many opportunities for email marketers. Think creatively, and your Halloween campaigns are sure to be spook-tacular!