Mother's DayMother’s Day is almost upon us and, just like all notable dates, it’s the ideal time for a special email marketing campaign. Studies have shown that, after Christmas, Mother’s Day is the yearly event that people spend most on. Children will spend over twice as much on Mother’s Day than they will on Father’s Day, so you need to make sure that you’re the retailer they consider for their gifts.

With less than a month until Mothering Sunday (March 15th), there’s not much time left to create an email campaign that will engage with your customers and increase your sales. Thankfully, there’s plenty of Mother’s Day inspiration out there. Here are some ideas you can use for your campaign:

Use Emotion

Mother’s Day can be very emotional. The gift you choose should represent the love and appreciation that you have for your Mum, so it’s not surprising that many retailers use these emotional triggers in their email marketing. You don’t have to manipulate your customers into buying from you, but using words like ‘love’ and ‘thanks’ in your emails can evoke emotions in them that may encourage them to at least open your messages.

These subject lines show how you can inject some emotion into your emails, without manipulating your customers:


Lindt Subject


Debenhams Mum

Lily O’Briens Chocolates

Lily O'Brien's Subject

Including pictures of mothers with their children within your email can also evoke similar emotions. Last Mother’s Day, asked their customers to share ‘selfies’ with their Mum. They coincided this with a 10% off deal:

Last Minute Mum

Give Suggestions

Although, as I mentioned before, people spend a lot of money on Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean that they know what they want to buy in advance. Many people need some inspiration or a push in the right direction when it comes to gifts. Your marketing emails can be used to showcase Mother’s Day gift ideas and inspiration. Just make sure that the images that you use show your products to their full potential.

Debenhams used their marketing email to showcase some of their Mother’s Day bouquets, and also offered 10% off:

Debenhams Bouquets

Tesco also included a photo showing some gift ideas in their Mother’s Day email:

Tesco Mother's Day

One thing you might have noticed about these images is that neither contain the prices of the items shown. When it comes to gifts, it’s often better just to use your email to entice your customers. By using beautiful images, your customers will become interested in the products. You can then close the sale on your website.

Include Dates

Because the date of Mother’s Day changes every year, it can be difficult to remember when it is. It’s your job to make sure that your customers purchase their gifts in time.

Last year, Debenhams include the date of Mother’s Day prominently in their marketing email:

Debenhams Date
You should also let your customers know when your last delivery date is for Mother’s Day. Both Tesco and Montezuma’s did this last year:


Tesco Delivery

Montezuma's Delivery

Creating a Mother’s Day campaign doesn’t need to be challenging. If you take inspiration from some of these ideas, you’ll be sure to engage with your customers.

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