5 things you should never do with recruitment emailsIf you work in recruitment, you’re probably used to having the door metaphorically slammed in your face when you undertake certain cold calls or inadvertently chase a particular business one time too many. This comes with the territory and is part and parcel of any sales role. Luckily, there’s another technique you can use to increase your chances of placing new candidates.  It’s time to start drafting recruitment emails.

If you’re not using email marketing in your recruitment business, you’re missing out. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you send that first campaign.

Here’s five things you should totally avoid with your recruitment emails.

1. Forget the call-to-action

A lovingly-crafted, beautifully-written email with just the right image, perfect mobile-readiness (see tip 4) and a killer subject line is completely, biblically useless if it doesn’t have a call-to-action (CTA).

What do you want the recipient to do? As much as you’d obviously want them to read your hard work, that’s not much use on its own.

You’ll want them to visit your website, most likely, and if that’s the case, make sure you include a bright, bold CTA that links to the landing page for the job or candidate.

2. Send every email to everyone

Hands up if you’re bored of reading the words ‘personalisation’ and ‘segmentation’ on this blog.

Sorry… but we’re going to keep writing them.

There’s a reason for this; by failing to segment your audience and personalise your emails, you won’t get very far with recruitment email marketing.

If you have a particular candidate who is ideal for the construction industry, for instance, why would you send an email en masse to all of your subscribers? Those who work in marketing and retail won’t care one bit.

Separate your database into groups based on industry, and make sure you address people by their names in your recruitment emails.

3. Get ‘all salesy’

Just don’t.

No, really; we’re in an age now where sales tactics of old are about as endearing as Donald Trump. People don’t need to be sold to anymore – they just want to be spoken to naturally.

So, be yourself and let your awesome personality shine through and win you that business.

4. Forget about mobile users

Your email marketing client should take care of this for you, but it still requires some thought and testing.

Avoid using huge images in your emails and make sure all the important stuff is above the fold. Combined with a responsive template design, that should ensure the recipients who read your email on the smartphones* aren’t dealt a poor hand.

*that will be most of them.

5. Hide the recruitment email’s unsubscribe link

We all hate goodbyes, but, equally, we all hate being trapped in a relationship we’re not keen on.

If people want to leave your mailing list, make it ultra-easy for them to do so.

By hiding the unsubscribe link, you’ll only increase the number of spam complaints, and that will have a pretty horrible impact on your sending reputation.

A conveniently located unsubscribe link is also a brilliant way to keep your list hygienic and full of only the most engaged subscribers.

Wrapping up

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective routes to market for recruitment businesses. Just make sure you have our tips above close to hand before you press ‘send’!