Summer is most definitely over. And everyone’s talking about it. Head to the kitchen in your office, or the water cooler (people still congregate there, right?) and I can guarantee someone will say, ‘wow, isn’t it cold today?’.

Nike are clever. They know this is happening and I’m guessing that’s why this email popped into my inbox over the weekend:



Admittedly, at the time of receiving it, I had neglected to put the heating on and was feeling the chill myself, but, as a result, this email instantly struck a chord. Let’s take a look at why, because I think they’ve done everything right.

Firstly, just look at it. It’s a fantastically-designed email which immediately grabs your attention. Even if it is below ten degrees outside, it makes me want to get outside and run. It is clean – they’re clearly not afraid of white space. They have also followed the golden mantra of not including too many graphics in email marketing messages. In this case, three great images is enough.

At the top of the email, they’ve kept things satisfyingly simple. Just their logo, a link to a web version and some pre-header text:


We know who it’s from, we know what they want to tell us and we know where to go if the email isn’t quite working properly within our email client.

Their opening words are just as simple:


It certainly made me want to keep reading. It’s all about timing – if they’d sent this in the summer, I’d most likely have skipped it.

Let’s take a look at one of those images:


Once again, marginal use of text, but the words that are present are engaging. The image itself is eye-catching and reflects the season. You can also see one of the three call-to-action (CTA) buttons in this image, too. Yes, they’ve used three CTAs, but there’s nothing wrong with that if the rest of the email doesn’t detract from them.

What I like most about this email, though, is that it is almost a website in itself. Look at the header:


…and the bottom quarter:


They include navigation and links you would expect to see on a website, and they work. The don’t detract from the main message at all, but they give everything a sense of place and further draw the recipient in.

Lastly, they’ve hit the nail on the head with their email footer:


Their unsubscribe button sits unashamedly next to their Get Help and Privacy Policy links. Their physical address is present and we can easily see how to share the email. The only slight problem I have with this email is the very last part – in order to contact them you have to visit their website. However, that is a big-brand thing. Smaller businesses and SMEs don’t have that problem – they are generally able to suggest that recipients simply reply to the email in order to elicit a human response.

You can learn a lot from the marketing emails that drop into your inbox – have you looked at yours recently?


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