Outsource Email Marketing

Ah, email marketing.  For some time, this has been the bread and butter of your marketing.  After all, it is the oldest digital marketing activity.  And it has been through a lot.  Data legislations, new marketing techniques.  Yet it is still effective – despite what the “email is dead” harpies might be crowing.  So, why would you outsource it?

Your company has been doing inhouse since Churchill was in power.

And what can be so difficult about it?

I bet even a well-trained chihuahua could do it.

And in a sense, you might be right.  Writing an email and sending it to people hardly seems like you would need a doctorate in astrophysics.  

So, why on Earth would you outsource your email marketing?

Well, there is the time element to consider

A lot of inhouse email marketers are multitasking.  In fact, email marketing probably isn’t even in their job title.  They have other priorities.  Sales, or social media for instance.  Sometimes it is the business owner themselves trying to squeeze an email into their busy schedule.

You know what happens next, don’t you?

Mr or Mrs Very Busy might miss one email.  That’s OK, it’s only one.  The world is still spinning, the stocks haven’t plummeted.  It was only a generic newsletter anyway.

But then it happens again.  Email marketing seems to be the first thing to go. 

If you outsource your email marketing, then you are guaranteeing there is someone on the case, making sure that you are staying consistent.  They’re actually employed to make sure your email marketing reaches your customers.

So, before you miss an email (right at the time your competitor has a walloping great big offer on), consider whether outsourcing the email might be the best idea for your business.

Outsource for consistent quality

If you are one of those multitasking superheroes that does marketing for your company as well as being a sales executive or a manager, then email design and building probably isn’t your first skill.  Be honest, are you hurriedly throwing words at an email and clicking send?

Have you had time to test all the links?

How does the design look on a variety of devices?  Or, has Outlook rendered it with black lines across your copy? 

An email marketing specialist will have gone through all of this for you.  If you outsource your email to a reputable industry professional, then they will have taken the time to test every element of your email – as well as proofreading the copy.

You want to make the best possible impression on your prospects and customers.  Consistent quality is the best way to do that.

It’s cheaper than employing your own email wizard

You might be thinking that you could hire someone new and make email marketing one of their priority jobs.

That’s a great idea.  That will only cost you between £1500 and £2000 a month. 

But then, if you outsource to a good company with professional staff, then it may not even cost you £1000 a month. 

So, are you saying not to do it internally?

Er. No. That’s not what I am saying at all.

Email marketing is important.  Your designs much match your brand.  You need to make sure that you are sending on a regular basis, and that you take your time to create a quality piece of marketing.  This is how you are maintaining your relationships with your customers.

So, if you have the time, and the skills, to create a professional email and reach your customers regularly, then yes, do it internally.

However, if you’re struggling to create regular content and designs, then that’s a great reason to outsource your email marketing.

If you would like to add anything to the conversation, or have any questions, then please leave a comment below.