5 Tips for Perfect Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

It’s the time of the year when we all say “I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas – can you?!”.  How is your Christmas email marketing campaign?

If you’re a marketer, the sudden realisation that Santa will soon be squeezing himself down your chimney (hey – we still believe) might be enough to send you into a mild panic about the festive campaigns you haven’t bothered with yet.

Don’t worry. No matter which industry you’re in, email marketing will come to your rescue this Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve got five super-simple tips for creating the perfect campaigns at this time of the year.

1. The secret sauce: timing the perfect Christmas email marketing campaign

Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing. You need your message to land in recipient inboxes at the moment they’re most likely to engage with your offer, news or new product launch.

At Christmas, this becomes decidedly tricky, because inboxes are so busy. The formula, however, is relatively straightforward. If you’re in the B2B space, getting Christmas emails out as early as possible is the best strategy. Erstwhile, if you sell to consumers, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until nearer the big day. Grab yourself some of that last minute panic buying action.

Just remember to review your email stats from previous festive campaigns to get a feel for when you’re most likely to engage people.

2. Don’t mess about – highlight what matters

Your subscribers’ inboxes are going to be bulging with festive offers. Therefore, it’s important not to faff about with email marketing at this time of the year.

Get to the meat of what matters. Highlight your offer immediately, both in the subject line and within the upper-third (above the fold) of the main body.

There’s no time for background stories or long-winded intros.  Get straight to whatever it is you want the recipient to do.  Create some succinct Christmas email marketing.

3. Don’t be afraid to Christmas-ify your branding

It might feel a bit tacky, but there really is nothing wrong with dusting a bit of snow across your logo or popping a Santa hat on your mascot. It’s a tried-and-tested branding method at this time of the year and demonstrates you’re not afraid to crack your face once in a while and ‘get all festive’.  The glitz and glitter makes for a perfect Christmas email.

4. Segment!

We love talking about segmentation, and we’ll never stop talking about it. So there.

Segmentation during particularly busy periods such as Christmas is vital. Chances are, there’ll be a fair few subscribers on your list who aren’t interested in whatever it is you have to offer, so consider the demographics and their past email engagement statistics carefully before you send one email to everyone.

For instance, if you’re an online retailer, the simplest example of effective segmentation would be to divide your subscribers into male and female lists and send your female Christmas gift guide to the guys, and vice-versa.  A perfect Christmas email campaign is targeted and personal.

5. Set up a decent landing page (or two)

Every Christmas email marketing campaign needs its own landing page, and while this might seem like extra effort for little reward, it’s exactly the opposite. Without a relevant landing page, you may as well not bother sending out the email.

If your offer is closely related to something you’ve been running all year but with a festive twist – good news: you can simply create a new version of that landing page and apply the christmassy branding. Easy!

Wrapping up

Festive email marketing should be fun, tongue-in-cheek and capable of bringing in plenty of sales and new leads at a time when things might traditionally be a little quiet for your business. Our tips above will help you do just that.  I hope you all have a perfect Christmas.