Landing Page Perfection

What’s an email marketing campaign without a landing page?

If you were expecting a witty punchline at this point… sorry; the answer is simply ‘pointless’.

That might sound a little harsh, but if your emails end with “Simply reply to this email to find out more!”, that’s why you’re not getting any engagement.

Every email campaign needs a corresponding landing page creating on your website. It’s more work, sure, but it will pay dividends.

Here’s how to create an awesome landing page:

Be consistent

The design of your landing page needs to follow that of your email. If it looks markedly different, recipients would be forgiven for thinking they’ve clicked on the wrong link.

If it looks and feels the same, they’re far more likely to investigate further. Simple!

Be clear

A landing page isn’t the place to get all artsy or fancy-pants-wordy; clarity is of paramount importance.

A clear approach will set out the offer, the benefits and how to apply, buy or sign-up. That’s it – nothing more, nothing less.

Concentrate on the visuals

The words on your landing page will mean the difference between someone committing to a purchase and leaving the website altogether, but imagery is what will draw them in from the off.

Once again, make sure the imagery directly mirrors that of your email campaign, and use only the best, highest quality photography (of your own, if at all possible).

Only include one call-to-action

How many times have you landed on a website having clicked on a link in an email only to be met with several buttons, forms and drop-down menus?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Don’t be that company. Instead, create just one call-to-action (CTA) that is compelling and which sits within the upper third of the page.

It’s best to stick with recognisable words and phrases, too, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘join’; don’t get clever with the labelling of your CTA – it’ll only confuse people, and you have very little time to retain their attention when they reach the landing page.

Create more than one landing page for different audiences

If you segment your email marketing lists based on demographics and buying behaviour, firstly, well done – you’re awesome.

Secondly, this means you’ll probably need more than one landing page, too. And yes, that’s even more work for you, but segmented subscriber lists will rarely suit the same landing page. You might need to adjust the language, imagery or offer itself to speak directly to the audience in question.

Trust us, the effort is worth it – particularly if you’ve already gone to the trouble of segmenting your lists!

Remove the usual navigation

Lastly, be brave and remove the usual site navigation from your landing page!

You’ve got the subscriber where you want them, so why tempt them elsewhere on your website? Chances are, they’re already engaged with whatever it is you’re plugging and it’s vital that you keep raising their interest by focusing on this offer and this offer only.

Don’t give your prospective customers any reason to do anything but click that CTA!

Wrapping up

Have fun designing your landing pages, but remember – you’ll rarely get it right first time. Just like anything in email marketing, this is all about experimentation, so be sure to check your stats after each send and tweak the page until engagements and confirmed orders begin to rise!